May 2, 2021: 4th Sunday of Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

This is Good Shepherd Sunday according to the newer Catholic calendar (celebrated last Sunday according to the old way). Enjoy. Fr. Robert Spitzer – Expert on Near-Death Experiences*Kennedy Hall Addresses Concerns About Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre**Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea on ANNIHILATION OF NATIONS (from Vaccines?)An Inspiring Conversion StoryCommon Sense: We Might Not Have Cops Soon (IContinue reading “May 2, 2021: 4th Sunday of Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure”

Feb. 28 – 2nd Sunday of Lent: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Enjoy. Doug Barry on why Modesty is to DIE for! (Classic lecture)Michael Knowles Explains the Growth in GaynessMatt Walsh’s Ultimate Burrito (hilarious!)Fr. Donald Calloway Explains St. Joseph’s SignificanceThe Most Important Video of the Day