Facemask Tyranny . . . Fails!

Let’s see if we can see what’s wrong with the facemask narrative (pro facemask, that is) in this chart . . . Big thanks to Tom Woods for sharing this info. He goes into more detail on it here. It’s a perk to being on the Tom Woods e-mail list. You should be as well.Continue reading “Facemask Tyranny . . . Fails!”

But wait, there’s more . . . eugenics.

So you thought eugenics only came in the form of child murder? Think again. From the link below: “The whistleblower describes how seven of 31 nursing home residents with dementia died after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and an eighth was near death at the time the interview was recorded. After the second dose,Continue reading “But wait, there’s more . . . eugenics.”

Good Advice: Wake Your Butt Up Early!

I’ll make this short and sweet. WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY! 6 a.m. = good; 5 a.m. = great; 4 a.m. = Godzilla!This is how you succeed. Want to become a saint with a great mental-prayer routine . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!Want to have more time to study for and ace yourContinue reading “Good Advice: Wake Your Butt Up Early!”

Mental Gymnastics of the Pro Vaccine Side

First, it’s amazing to see scarcely anybody make the connection between the vaccines and birth control. Did we all forget that the folks who produce chemical birth control (Merck, Pfizer, et al.) are the same ones peddling the Corona vaccines? I thought we Catholics, other Christians, and all legitimate conservatives didn’t trust the birth-control makers.Continue reading “Mental Gymnastics of the Pro Vaccine Side”