Ep. 16: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Hold Women Accountable on Abortions

This episode is a continuation of when I talked about holding women accountable (Episode 7) for the various obnoxious things they do. Nobody thinks women are genuinely culpable for abortion. On the contrary, I believe they are virtually always guilty of first-degree murder when they get abortions. SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State –Continue reading “Ep. 16: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Hold Women Accountable on Abortions”

Junky Foods While Abstaining From Meat?

Is it your idea of Lenten devotion to abstain from meat only to go nuts eating horrible junk foods instead? Never Indulge Junk Food Many Catholics have gotten it in their heads that the mere abstinence from meat makes for a terrific sacrifice during Lent. They sabotage the whole point of the season by fillingContinue reading “Junky Foods While Abstaining From Meat?”

Milo – Winning Battle Against Sodomy with St. Joseph.

https://www.lifesitenews.com/news/activist-milo-yiannopoulos-is-now-ex-gay-consecrating-his-life-to-st-joseph This is a terrific update on the ongoing conversion of Milo. What a great cause for hope. Nobody has to be a slave to degeneracy or any type of sin. St. Joseph, chaste guardian of the Virgin, ora pro nobis.

Ep. 15: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – The Church of Masks

Has the Catholic Church partitioned into two churches: Church of Mask versus Traditional Church? Why does it seem like Novus Ordo attendees love the masks, whereas Latin Mass folks are more likely to rebel against them? Either way, don’t be a zombie and wear the face panties, “just because you’re told.” Those wretched “non-contact communionContinue reading “Ep. 15: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – The Church of Masks”

March 7th – 3rd Sunday of Lent: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Enjoy. Alfalfa actor explains demonic Hollywood and his conversion to CatholicismGrace Force Podcast: Terry Barber joins Fr. Heilman & Doug BarryNewer Podcast: Young Man Interviews His Priest (in person)Fr. Isaac Relyea: He talks, you listen (long one)Music To Get You Pumped! (Rocky Training Montage)

Ep. 14: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Enough With The End TImes!

RANT: Enough with the excessive panic over the end times. We are called to equanimity . . . not paranoia. SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church. https://ditchthestateloveholychurch.com/ Buy My Book, Caesar Vacantism. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08PJQHVWZ?ref_=pe_3052080_397514860 [iframe style=”border:none” src=”//html5-player.libsyn.com/embed/episode/id/17835692/height/100/width//thumbnail/yes/render-playlist/no/theme/legacy/tdest_id/2612096″ height=”100″ width=”” scrolling=”no” allowfullscreen webkitallowfullscreen mozallowfullscreen oallowfullscreen msallowfullscreen]Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Ep. 13: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Lamentations on Russia

It’s a very sad plight for Mother Russia. She leads the world in a lot of awful categories (abortion, suicide, alcoholism, etc.). Pray for them and their conescration to Our Lady. It’s as much for their mercy as anything else. Russian Divorce Stats: https://divorceinrussia.com/russian-divorce-statistics/ Worldwide Abortion Rates: https://worldpopulationreview.com/country-rankings/abortion-rates-by-country Visit My Blog: Ditch The State –Continue reading “Ep. 13: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Lamentations on Russia”

Feb. 28 – 2nd Sunday of Lent: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Enjoy. Doug Barry on why Modesty is to DIE for! (Classic lecture)Michael Knowles Explains the Growth in GaynessMatt Walsh’s Ultimate Burrito (hilarious!)Fr. Donald Calloway Explains St. Joseph’s SignificanceThe Most Important Video of the Day

Ep. 12: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Patience and Delayed Gratification

Part of “manger-to-the-cross” redemptive suffering is eschewing immediate pleasure in favor of something better later. This is called delayed gratification. It corresponds with the virtue of patience. Catholics would struggle to grow spiritually without mastering these concepts. Don’t be a zombie that needs to chow down on brains ASAP. Take your time, endure the struggle,Continue reading “Ep. 12: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Patience and Delayed Gratification”

Russia Consecrated? Give Me a Break.

There’s a new argument going around that says that Russia HAS ALREADY been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, thus fulfilling Our Lady’s request at Fatima. We should be wary of this ill-begotten position, however. The argument goes something like this: Russia, unlike other places in the world, has its churches open and isContinue reading Russia Consecrated? Give Me a Break.

1st Sunday of Lent: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

I might make this a weekly thing where I post good religious videos that would be suitable for Sunday enjoyment. NOTE: I don’t work on Sunday; these are scheduled in advance. Enjoy. Learn About Hell With Fr. James AltmanLearn About Fasting With Fr. Chad RippergerGrace Force Podcast – Could this be the Most Important Lent?AContinue reading “1st Sunday of Lent: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure”

Good Advice From Fr. Z

A lot of folks are ensnared by the rotten tentacles of New Age garbage. I don’t believe I’ve had much trouble with it personally, but there are many who are susceptible to this tendency to want to feel “spiritual.” I think it’s nothing more than the devil aping our natural tendencies toward religion and piety.Continue reading “Good Advice From Fr. Z”


I hope everybody is ready for some PENANCE! Let’s be honest as well. This world, along with every one of us occupying it, is in desperate need of penance. Our slothful adherence to “cradle-to-the-grave-security” will need to be supplanted with manger-to-the-cross-redemptive-suffering. It’s time to knock it off with the wimpianity and milque-toast bullshit. Let’s getContinue reading “ASH WEDNESDAY!”

Ditch The State; Consecrate! (to Mary)

Lent begins Wednesday, but here is another great devotional idea: Total Consecration to Mary as prescribed by St. Louis de Montfort.What better way to grow closer to God, deepen one’s prayer routine, and substitute zombie obedience to the state with slavery to the Blessed Virgin. . . . less Biden and Fauci.. . . moreContinue reading “Ditch The State; Consecrate! (to Mary)”

Need a Lenten Devotion?

Read the Book of Job! Seriously, you can do it in 42 days if you read a chapter per day (start a couple days early, Monday before Ash Wednesday). Why? Think about it. It’s one of the most penitential books in the bible. Plus, it will put all of your recent sufferings into perspective. MaybeContinue reading “Need a Lenten Devotion?”

How Do We Rank The Various Levels of Church Teachings (Notes)?

We DO NOT have to be in the dark as it pertains to truths taught by the Catholic Church and Her various theologians. There is a system for understanding this, fit with many latin nomenclatures (de fide, sententiae, etc.). In other words, we don’t have to get stuck in the 2D box of “well, theContinue reading “How Do We Rank The Various Levels of Church Teachings (Notes)?”

Ep. 06: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – No Antagonism Towards Pope Francis

Many of us are guilty of this and need to reform. We have to be mindful of the holy office of the papacy regardless of occupant. This is the article I read from towards the end of the show (scroll down a ways): http://www.religious-vocation.com/choosing_religious_community.html#.YCFLt2iJI2w   SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State – Love HolyContinue reading “Ep. 06: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – No Antagonism Towards Pope Francis”

We’re Going to Have Lay Off of Pope Francis

At the risk of appearing to be “going soft,” I’m going to impartan important message regarding the criticism of Pope Francis: we’regoing to have to stop. I don’t say this because I’ve turned a new leafand find myself in the New Theology camp. I didn’t just become a Jesuit. This has more to do withContinue reading “We’re Going to Have Lay Off of Pope Francis”

Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea Sermon (tough)

Yesterday, I shared an uplifting sermon for hope. Today, I share one from a tough, no-nonsense priest: Fr. Isaac (OFM). Anybody who knows me, knows that I don’t hesistate to amalgamate the hopeful/joyful news with the tough love. You need both. Otherwise, you’ll become a wuss, a zombie, or a crank. Fr. Isaac Relyea –Continue reading “Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea Sermon (tough)”

Unborn Zombies???

Catholics Aren’t Zombies . . . And neither are the unborn; despite what this very stupid doctor says. Jennifer Gunter (@DrJenGunter) Tweeted: It’s Dr. Gunter to you. We’re discussing a subject of my expertise. The unborn are zombies. That doesn’t apply here. Use medical terms or at least grown up words. An embryo is anContinue reading “Unborn Zombies???”

Catholics Aren’t Zombies!

The podcast (Catholics Aren’t Zombies) is finally ready. I have a link to it on the top menu. You should be able to see it (soon) on the various platforms like Apple I-tunes, Stitcher, etc. I put three episodes up to get started:1) Intro2) We are Living in a Stanley-Milgram Shock Experiment3) Democrats Should NeverContinue reading “Catholics Aren’t Zombies!”

Blaspheming Against Mary = Blaspheming Against the Glorious Creativity of God

The Blessed Virgin Mary gave instructions to Sister Lucia, in 1925, to spread the word of a new devotion for reparation against her Immaculate Heart: The Five First Saturdays. Catholics are to attend Mass for the first Saturday of the month, five times in a row, to make atonement for the following blasphemies against OurContinue reading “Blaspheming Against Mary = Blaspheming Against the Glorious Creativity of God”

Consecration of Russia – Black Pill

Our Lady of Fatima requested that Russia be consecrated to her Immaculate Heart or else chastisements would worsen (up to and including the annihilation of nations). This was supposed to be done by the pope in union with all the bishops in public. For various reasons, the early attempts at this consecration have not comeContinue reading “Consecration of Russia – Black Pill”

Sanctifying Humility

Might we consider begging and pleading with the only two who have walked this Earth, incapable of sin, Jesus and Mary, for mercy and pity on us. We need it, especially now, we that are so weak, so wayward, and so willfully/unwillfully sinful, especially when we cannot, in our nothingness, decipher willfull/unwillfull. When we sayContinue reading “Sanctifying Humility”

We’re Weak and Getting What We Deserve

I hope everybody enjoyed the fruit-loopy 2020 Selection here in the Land of the Enslaved and the Home of the Virus. Yes, that’s correct, slavery + virus = USA. This is what you get when you thought you won the Cold War just because the Soviet Union went bankrupt. Never mind the obvious predicament ofContinue reading “We’re Weak and Getting What We Deserve”

Mental Gymnastics of the Pro Vaccine Side

First, it’s amazing to see scarcely anybody make the connection between the vaccines and birth control. Did we all forget that the folks who produce chemical birth control (Merck, Pfizer, et al.) are the same ones peddling the Corona vaccines? I thought we Catholics, other Christians, and all legitimate conservatives didn’t trust the birth-control makers.Continue reading “Mental Gymnastics of the Pro Vaccine Side”

10 Planks of Marxism: Commie as American Pie

Many have now surmised that the United States has transmogrified into a communist country. This is absurd. The United States has been a communist country for decades. Although Marxism itself may not be enough to disqualify a country from legitimacy, it renders a state vastly immoral and handicaps all administration of justice. In this section,Continue reading “10 Planks of Marxism: Commie as American Pie”