3-28-2021 – Palm Sunday: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

With one week of Lent remaining, we enter Holy Week. What better time to repent and perhaps meditate on that from which Our Lord is saving us (see Fr. Isaac’s talk below).

Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord. Hosanna en excelsis!

Fr. Isaac talk on Hell
Straight talk regarding the Crisis of the Church
Hilarious Beer Testing – Tim Gordon
Inspiring Fight Against Abortion – Grace Force Podcast
The Heroic Priest – Fr. Emile Kapaun
BONUS: Fr. Kapaun Sermon

How to Avoid Facemasks in Hospitals

I commend Allan Stevo for being one of the boldest and wisest regarding ways to circumvent the facemask policies. Check out the link below on how to dodge the communist tyranny (facemasks, face shields, testing) when you go to a strict place like a hospital or clinic. Stevo even dedicated an entire book on how to avoid wearing facemasks.

I believe this could be crucial to any priests who are trying to administer Extreme Unction in a hospital and would like to not capitulate to the satanic medical communism.

Memento Mori! Near Death Experience

Dr. Taylor Marshall was witness to a near-death experience of another person earlier this week while at the gym of all places. You don’t want to miss his account of what happened. Please see this short video below and . . . memento mori. Now is the time for pennance. You know not the hour.

I saw a woman drown yesterday, please pray for her – YouTube

New Book: Catholic Modesty


Consider checking out the book my friend wrote regarding the topic of modesty (Catholic context). This is an ever germane issue because, as Our Lady of Fatima warned, horrible fashions have been introduced that greatly anger God. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to notice that a lot of women dress like Ladies of the Night nowadays.

I’ve addressed this topic a little bit in some of my podcasts: modesty, a lack thereof, is one of the main antecedents to the repulsive sexual revolution, which has coincided our societal decline.

Buy Catholic Modesty!

Ep. 20: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Catholic MGTOW

Do consider yourself to be MGTOW?

Have you wondered if MGTOW is congruent with the Catholic approach to vocation?

Find out in this podcast.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Even Communist China Doesn’t Force Masks Like We Do!

Read the whole article, but look at the pictures. The Chinese government (remember, perennial commies) isn’t treating its people as badly as the U.S. and other countries in western civilization.

Don’t forget. If ever there was a reason to wear a mask, it would be to do so in China, the most polluted place on Earth.

Happy Feast of the Annunciation!

Today is the Feast of the Annunciation, where Our Lord came down from heaven and took on our form in everything but sin. Deo Gratias!

Notice that today is March 25th – exactly nine months before Christmas. Holy Mother Church, in Her holy wisdom, has always considered this the time to celebrate the conception of Our Lord. Just as we know that December 25th really was the birthdate of Christ, we also know that He was conceived by the Holy Spirit nine months prior.

I hope as many of you as possible can attend the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass today in commemoration of this feast.

Tomorrow we continue pennance and head into Holy Week soon. Be sure to abstain from meat again this Friday and try to pray the Stations of the Cross in remembrance of Our Lord’s Passion.

Women Experience Super Majority of Vaccine Side Effects!?

If it were anything else, the feminists and virtue signalists would be howling against the patriarchy louder than a harpy from hell. Yet as it pertains to the China VIrus vaccines, women suffer a SUPER MAJORITY of the share of side effects.

You’ll hear crickets from the establishment and its feminists because the greatest side effect will be mass sterilization, which they covet.

They aren’t hiding their wickedness any more. They even admit that vaccine passports will be used as the only way to regain one’s “freedom.” They are trying to trap us and this ploy will work against the weak-willed.

Remember when that was a fringe conspriacy theory?

But, wait, there’s more! If that wasn’t bad enough, Krispy Kreme has gotten in on the Social engineering with a gimmick to bribe fat people into getting the malevolent China-Flu Jab.

Do not take the vaccines. Do not listen to the state or any of its wicked henchmen. They oppose God and His One True Church.

We WILL be held accountable for how we discern and navigate this vaccine issue.

Another Look at Wu-Flu Data

Once again, when you control for nursing-home abuse, the data show that most of the Wu-Flu suffering relates to state tyranny.

You’re not killing grandma by not wearing the mask. The state is and they’re doing it because they are eugencists hell bent on population control. They hate the elderly, they hate the disabled, and they hate anybody else they deem defected.

Ep. 19: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Stop Stealing!

Why do people steal so much?

We have no consideration for God’s 7th Commandment.

Here are the two sources I referenced:


Ripping Off the Boss: 33 Surprising Employee Theft Statistics


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

3-21-2021. Passion Sunday: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Yes, this is Passion Sunday. On the old Catholic calendar (Latin Rite; pre-1962), you had Passion Sunday followed by Palm Sunday, then Easter Sunday. Now is the time to concentrate further on Our Lord’s holy suffering for our sins.

Kennedy Hall Derails the Myth of “Over-Population”
Sarah Silverman Sick of the Democrats?
Dr. Taylor Marshall Explains the Veiling of Sacred Images (for Lent)
Parenting Advice From Matt Walsh (funny)
Milo & Patrick Coffin (long one)

Happy Lent! Enjoy.

Tanzanian President Assasinated???

May God respose the soul of the Tanzanian President John Magufuli. There is reason to believe this may have been a coup.

It’s important to note that it says he died of a heart attack, but he’s also been reported missing for several weeks. He as also been what many have dubbed a “Covid Denier,” which is code for anybody who opposes the globalist narrative on communist virus paranoia. You can see from search-engine inquiry that all of the lame-stream media folks think he was a nut. That’s reason enough for me to think of him as a martyr in the fight for freedom.

Ep. 18: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Once Saved, Always Saved, And Suicide

“Once saved, always saved” is a stupid man-made doctrine.

But what if I told you that it might lead people to contemplate suicide?

“That’s mean!” No, shut up and listen.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Exorcism Prayers Safe For Lay People

This is a great interview/discussion with Fr. Chad Ripperger regarding spiritual warfare and how to use certain prayers to deal with demonic oppression/obsession/infestation.

I encourage you check it out and get his book titled, Deliverance Prayers For Use By The Laity. It’s in multiple languages now.

The goal is NOT to pretend your an exorcist and go after the demons by yourself. DO NOT do that. Follow Fr. Ripperger’s advice on this and you’ll be able to better combat the evil spirits plauging your life (as well as the lives of those under your familial authority).

For another website that has some of those prayers, check here.

Resistance Podcast #166: Guide to the Deliverance Prayers for the Laity w/ Fr Ripperger – YouTube

Central Banking And No Child Labor: A Near Occasion of Sin for Abortion

Whenever a society adopts central banking and a prohibition on child labor, the result is a near occasion of sin for the heinous crime of abortion. These institutions are wicked on their own, but it goes a lot deeper. In this article, I intend to illustrate how these two evils have plagued America for over 100 years and are leading families into a near occasion of sin for abortion.

Central Banking & Child Labor Prohibition: Very Commie Ideas

First things first, central banking and prohibition on child labor are BOTH tenets of COMMUNISM. Don’t believe me. Read about the 10 Planks of Marxism from none other than Uncle Karl himself. Central banking is the 5th plank. Prohibition of child labor is the 10th plank. We as Catholics, conservatives, and Christians have nothing in common with communists.

Communism is the ideology of the enemies we face in the battle against child murder and Satan’s war on the nuclear family. They use the 10 Planks of Marxism as their rubric, so we better pay attention. Better yet, we should cull out any semblance of that filth from society altogether. Deus vult!

Near Occasion of Sin? Really?

How can we make the connection between the American Federal Reserve (the U.S. central bank), the abolition of child labor, and the slaughter of babies in the womb? I’ll explain but let me apply one more layer of groundwork for the analysis. I want to remind the reader about the concept of a near occasion of sin. From the Baltimore Catechism (Lesson 18 on Contrition):

“Q. 771. What do you mean by the near occasion of sin?
A. By the near occasions of sin, I mean all the persons, places, and things that may easily lead us to sin.”

Note how it says “persons, places, and things.” This leaves room for the interpretation that certain things, perhaps government and regulations, could lead people to sin. We would want to avoid and eliminate these as much as possible.

Why Central Banking and No Child Labor Are Awful

It’s rotten enough when the government taxes people out of a chance for family formation (taxation is another plank of Marxism), but what if the government discovers a far worse and clandestine way do it? The Federal Reserve does so through a backdoor tax of monetary inflation.

The Fed’s expert-bureaucrats manipulate the currency to extract the purchasing power of your money, and one of the ways they do so is by inflating the number of dollars circulating. They increase the money supply to pay down government debt when they don’t have the guts to approach the public for a tax hike. More money in circulation means the money you have becomes less valuable.

They have been doing this since 1913, which is why your money is worth so much less than it was during your grandparents’ days. Use this government resource to calculate how much a dollar is worth compared to 1913 ($1 then is like $26 now). The dollar has lost 97% of its value!

This leaves young people with a nagging temptation to contracept and abort their offspring for fear of having to feed yet another mouth with a budget that covers fewer expenses due to currency depletion. Housing, gasoline, food, healthcare, and education costs have gone through the roof because of this and it strains a family’s budget beyond sustainability (worse for single parents). All other factors held constant, ruining a family’s money will entice them be rid of so many mouths to feed. Want to save lives? End the Fed!

Child labor is vilified so much because the media has conned everyone into thinking that working children are exploited like chimney sweeps and become beggars reminiscent of Oliver Twist. This is not true. By prohibiting children from working, we’ve not only taken away their opportunity for gaining entry-level experience, but we’ve also made them an economic liability until they are old enough to legally do anything productive.

Also, when young people (especially teenage men) are barred from working, it stunts their chances of having a chance of attracting a wife early enough to have a big family. We extend childhood forever, which means nobody can get married and have kids until their mid-20’s. This prevents us from outbreeding anti-Christians who idolize childlessness. Is it any wonder why the only children conceived nowadays are by single moms who would go broke trying to raise them? This creates an incentive for abortion on so many levels.

Near Occasions or Involuntary Occasions?

Ah, you might respond “The Federal Reserve and no child labor are destructive, but we can’t do anything about them. Therefore, they are involuntary occasions.” This is a lame objection and imagine what it would be like if we took that approach to the issue of abortion itself. Imagine if we decided to stay quiet about it because we determined it to be beyond our scope of influence; impossible to remedy.

Yes, we’ve done that already too. Haven’t we?

This would almost fly for a suitable objection except for the fact that we, as Catholics, are also bound to at least OPPOSE these wicked things. Nobody in Catholic Land appears to be doing so with much fervor. As I currently see it, Catholics have not so much as educated themselves on these two evils let alone made any effort to oppose them.

Few Catholics are educated on basic economics. You won’t grasp the problem without a modicum of economic literacy. It’s yet another reason we see so many clueless, cognitively dissident Catholics who would vote for politicians like Sleepy Joe Biden, Bernie “tight mittens” Sanders, or Alexandria Occasionally-Castro. They espouse all 10 Planks of Marxism, have no qualms with abortion through the 100th trimester (euthanasia), are staunch proponents of printing money out of thin air with the Fed, and two of them are Catholic.

Catholics have no excuse not to oppose the wicked ideas of central banking and no child labor, which our country and every western democracy has enacted. These institutions do not help the poor or protect children. They do the opposite. They create a miserable mindset of consternation where children become economic liabilities for young, potential parents who would otherwise welcome the gift of life.

One last thing to remember: We shouldn’t call abortion a “child sacrifice.” This implies that the ones who elect to kill their offspring ever valued them in the first place. It’s “child slaughter.” This bears no resemblance to the love Abraham had for Isaac when he had to commit his will to sacrificing his son. Parents today can’t wait to be rid of their children because their economic calculation is that they are of negative net value. Our social/political structures encourage this. Let us do everything we can to reverse this unfortunate socioeconomic situation. Central banking and no child labor will lead people to sin.

Chris Munier is the author of Caesar Vacantism: Rendering to Caesar When Caesar Goes Nuts (for Catholics).

Daylight Savings = Fake Time

What a great obervation . . .

From LewRockwell.com: Writes Mark Higdon:

Over the past year, we have been subjected to fake news, fake peaceful demonstrations, fake elections, a fake president, fake data, a fake pandemic, fake medical tests, fake vaccines, fake guidelines, fake public health orders, fake science, fake experts and fake just about everything else. So naturally, this past Sunday, Fake Time was once again inflicted on us for the next six months.

I’ve always despised the concept of “socialized clocks” and “Daylight Savings.” It ruins sleep patterns (especially children). It’s yet another example of government, scientific managers who think they can control literally everything. Talk about hubris . . . but that shouldn’t surprise anybody by now.

Why do we still do this Daylight Savings crap?

Ep. 17: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Greatest Generation Not That Great

In this episode, I go over some problems with the exaltation of the WWII generation. Many consider them the “greatest.”

Credit to Lawrence Vance for the two terrific book reviews on LRC:




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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

NFP: Imprecise Terminology?

Allow me one quick observation before saying anything substantive about NFP (Natural Family Planning; Catholic jargon du jure). Does that term (FAMILY PLANNING) not sound a bit communist to you? I always reckon It sounds too close to “planned economy” or “central economic planning,” both hallmarks of Communism. In fact, whenever I hear “planning” at all, I get this nervous intuition that Chairman Mao is waiting in the bushes about to bum rush me.

In all seriousness though, we have some trouble with imprecision of terminology with the topic of NFP. First, Humanae Vitae as well as the Catechism of the Catholic Church (CCC) do not use the term anywhere. I appreciate their more precise phrasing of “spacing births” (see Chapter 16 of Humanae Vitae for more on this). Pope Pius XI’s encyclical on Christian marriage, Casti Connubii, makes no mention of the term either.

Second, let’s remember that ever since the advent of artificial contraception, the entire world, including Catholics, has developed a contraceptive mentality, and although I believe that spacing births is within Church teaching, we abuse it ferociously.

So, having established a couple of sticking points with our approach to the beloved/maligned NFP, what other problem is there?

Well, we lose precision when it comes to the threshold for employing NFP. Humanae Vitae, a commendable encyclical and gift from Holy Mother Church, says that we must have “well grounded reasons for spacing births.” I think this is where people get confused. What in the world constitutes a “well grounded reason” when it comes to this practice?

I can think of 100 different ways to operationally define that, many of which thrust open the door for laxity and lazy excuses (“Oh no, my car needs new tires, I better hold off on the marital act in light of these well-grounded circumstances.”).

I don’t believe this has been clarified much and that appears to be grounds for further teaching on the subject. We shouldn’t be surprised that lax clergy and laity have latched on to the loosest possible interpretation of magisterial teaching on it.

Does this mean that I, Chris Munier, have an answer to what constitutes a well-grounded reason? No. Do I expect the Church to erect rigid two-dimensional barriers that indicate the exact moment we might enter the well-grounded territory? No. As a humble lay person, I request that the Church further clarify the terms and conditions of this concept.

In the meantime, I also wouldn’t mind if we ditched the term “Natural Family Planning.” I believe it’s reached the level of caricature and idolatry in modern Catholicism.

3/14/21 – Laetare Sunday: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Rejoice and enjoy. We’re halfway through Lent.

Public Schools are Communist! Tim Gordon interviews Alex Newman
Peter Schiff Updates us on the Reality of the Economy (bad news)
Another Good One from Tim Gordon on the 7 Tenets of Satanism
EVEN BETTER ONE with Tim Gordon & Patrick Coffin
^This one gets video of the week honors! Must watch!
Candace Owens on the Meagan Markle Soap Opera Saga
Patrick Coffin Interviews Brilliant Statistician on Covid Garbage Data

Welfare State Absurdity

$92,000 per year not to work? If this is true, then we’ve crossed the Loony-Toons Rubicon and eliminated any pretense of being little else than a welfare state banana republic.

“America is such a wicked, capitalist country!”
Give me a friggin’ break. You don’t know what those words mean.


Ep. 16: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Hold Women Accountable on Abortions

This episode is a continuation of when I talked about holding women accountable (Episode 7) for the various obnoxious things they do. Nobody thinks women are genuinely culpable for abortion.

On the contrary, I believe they are virtually always guilty of first-degree murder when they get abortions.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Gruesome Newsome Encourages Double Masking

When are we going to realize that the same folks who bring us abortion, overseas wars, onerous progressive taxation, trans-Jenerred story hour, gay mania, and every other tyranny . . . are the ones pushing for facemasks?

When do we begin to correlate these things?

Junky Foods While Abstaining From Meat?

Is it your idea of Lenten devotion to abstain from meat only to go nuts eating horrible junk foods instead?

Never Indulge Junk Food

Many Catholics have gotten it in their heads that the mere abstinence from meat makes for a terrific sacrifice during Lent. They sabotage the whole point of the season by filling their Sunday meals with sugary foods, enormous plates of spaghetti, and the most tartar-sauced “fish sammiches” they can find. How in the world can anybody call this penitential?

So, folks get the surreptitious idea that they can loophole meatless Fridays by eating an array of bad foods as long as they fall within vegetarian parameters. Leaving aside the fact that your typical vegetarian usually supplants meat with destructive alternatives like soy, I think we see a lot of our Catholic friends avoiding meat in favor of delicious treats.

An honest self-reflection tells us we are doing more harm than good with this practice. It leads us away from the purpose of abstaining from meat, which is to:

  1. Honor Christ’s sacrifice of His flesh
  2. Mortify our concupiscible appetites to help us meditate better on Christ’s suffering
  3. Demonstrate our obedience to Church precepts
  4. We SHOULD do this every Friday of the year (except solemn Octaves)

We should take our fasting and abstinence seriously because of these holy and important objectives. Failing to honor God with a half-hearted approach to penance is only going to lead to our spiritual doom. However, we need not fear. All we must do is get our heads on straight to observe these fasts with more penance and piety. I have suggestions for how to do that.

Aim for a Caloric Deficit

One way to hasten yourself into the spirit of Lent, the honoring of Our Lord’s passionate suffering, is to eat in a way that recalls his restrained and humble life. Focus as much as possible on consuming less and make that your approach for every weekday; not just Friday.

Why? Because Our Lord took this approach on both the beginning and end of His public ministry. Do you remember what He did following the Wedding Feast at Cana? He went into the desert and fasted for 40 days.

You don’t have to starve yourself, but there is a way to do this in an organized fashion. First, figure out how much you weigh. Second, look up your “baseline caloric intake” for your height/weight (there is a calculator for that). Third, make it your goal to go about 10% below it every day during Lent (except Sunday). This is called creating a “caloric deficit.”

Do this along with the Church’s requirements for fasting/abstinence. It will prevent you from gaming the system too much. If you keep your caloric intake at a deficit, there won’t be room for donuts and buttery popcorn during Lent. One last nugget of advice: drink copious amounts of water! Unless you’re trying a difficult water fast, hydration is an important component of this. Most people are just thirsty when they think they are hungry.

Healthy Foods Can Be Cheating on the Lenten Spirit Too

Let us not be adulterous to the Lenten spirit and betray her with cheap tricks. I think we can agree that lobster is a nutritious menu item. It’s also clearly in the “fish” category, which makes it licit for consumption during Lent. However, we again elude the sacrificial element when we indulge in delicacies and luxuries like lobster (or crab cakes, grilled shrimp, or any other healthy, but delectable seafood).


I may be heading out on a limb here, but I’ve never seen someone eat crab/lobster without enjoying it. That’s why they cost as much as they do. So, although these types of fish and other foods are neither unhealthy nor in violation of the Lenten precepts, consuming them causes us to lose sight of suffering and its union with Christ’s passion.

You cannot tell me, with a straight face, that you’re suffering right after downing some jumbo shrimp dipped in garlic sauce.

Overwhelmed By Fasting? Don’t Forget About Sunday!

Even during Lent, the Church follows a system of ebbs and flows regarding penance and celebration. Catholics do not fast on Sunday. You should take that seventh day, the Lord’s day, to relax your dietary penance and refuel a bit (this doesn’t mean “binge”).

You may need this on a psychological level. It’s great to fast for spiritual and dietary reasons, but even advocates of year-long fasting and keto dieting (the no-carbs approach) allow for wiggle room with a cheat day. We as Catholics know which day is our best to “cheat.” The obvious choice is Sunday, the time when we lay aside our labors, attend to more prayer/worship, but also spend time with others to “eat, drink, and be merry.” Consider that especially on the joyful Laetare Sunday (4th Sunday of Lent).

Our Lord rebuffed the Pharisees’ accusations of not fasting on the Sabbath because one does not fast in the presence of the bridegroom. Every Sunday, when we commemorate the resurrection of Our Savior, we cease fasting and joyfully acknowledge His presence. This contrasts with the penance we should perform during the rest of the week. If we maintain this model of fasting and feasting, joining in with the ebbs and flows of the liturgical seasons, we will see the benefits of a much more balanced, fruitful life.

Whatever you do, don’t waste Lent (especially Holy Week) by gulping down so many empty carbs, trans-fats, and other franken-foods. You’re deluding yourself if you believe this is the Church’s tradition. Our Lord did not take Cheetos and cupcakes out to the desert. You shouldn’t either.

Milo – Winning Battle Against Sodomy with St. Joseph.


This is a terrific update on the ongoing conversion of Milo. What a great cause for hope. Nobody has to be a slave to degeneracy or any type of sin.

St. Joseph, chaste guardian of the Virgin, ora pro nobis.

Ep. 15: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – The Church of Masks

Has the Catholic Church partitioned into two churches: Church of Mask versus Traditional Church?

Why does it seem like Novus Ordo attendees love the masks, whereas Latin Mass folks are more likely to rebel against them?
Either way, don’t be a zombie and wear the face panties, “just because you’re told.”

Those wretched “non-contact communion dispensers” can be seen here:

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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

March 7th – 3rd Sunday of Lent: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure


Alfalfa actor explains demonic Hollywood and his conversion to Catholicism
Grace Force Podcast: Terry Barber joins Fr. Heilman & Doug Barry
Newer Podcast: Young Man Interviews His Priest (in person)
Fr. Isaac Relyea: He talks, you listen (long one)
Music To Get You Pumped! (Rocky Training Montage)

Ep. 14: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Enough With The End TImes!

RANT: Enough with the excessive panic over the end times. We are called to equanimity . . . not paranoia.


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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Facemask Tyranny . . . Fails!

Let’s see if we can see what’s wrong with the facemask narrative (pro facemask, that is) in this chart . . .

Big thanks to Tom Woods for sharing this info. He goes into more detail on it here. It’s a perk to being on the Tom Woods e-mail list. You should be as well. He’s also the guy who literally wrote the book on How The Catholic Church Built Western Civilization. Be like me and Tom and stop wearing facemasks.

But wait, there’s more . . . eugenics.

So you thought eugenics only came in the form of child murder? Think again. From the link below:

“The whistleblower describes how seven of 31 nursing home residents with dementia died after the first dose of the Pfizer vaccine, and an eighth was near death at the time the interview was recorded. After the second dose, 11 more residents became seriously ill and one more died. In other words, 25% of the residents died immediately, and 36% were severely injured within a short time.”

They are getting rid of dementia patients the same way they murder almost every baby when they discover Down Syndrome on the ultrasound. The vaccine is euthanasia eugenics.

Roosh V Podcast

Everybody should be watching the Roosh V podcast. He puts together an excellent program about every other week. Roosh V is a former pick-up-artist who converted to Armenian Orthodoxy. I admire his humility, willingness to grow closer to God (hopefully, he’ll become Catholic), and his based approach to delivering what is happening in our twisted and evil world.

In this episode of the Roosh Hour, he covers several topics, but I thought his part about the monkey experiments was most interesting. I won’t spoil it, but I’m wondering . . . do our current authority-expert-rulers want to experiment on children like those scientists did with monkeys?

Roosh Hour #61 – Third World Texas – Roosh Valizadeh

Also, check out his new book, American Pilgrim, which the Punk-a-zon folks are already shadow banning. Go Roosh V!

Good Advice: Wake Your Butt Up Early!

I’ll make this short and sweet.

6 a.m. = good; 5 a.m. = great; 4 a.m. = Godzilla!

This is how you succeed. Want to become a saint with a great mental-prayer routine . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to have more time to study for and ace your exam on mollecular chemistry . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to know the best time of day to exercise hard and get it over with so you can focus on the rest of life . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to start a new career and need extra time for your side hustle . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to be able to committ an hour each day to Eucharistic adoration . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!
Want to just have more time to make memes and political cartoons taking jabs at the Faucinator and pals . . . WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!

“But, wahhhh! I’m a night owl.”
No, that doesn’t exist. You made that up to justify your bullcrap. Stop drinking coffee until 7 in the evening, quit spacing out and chatting so much, get focused, go to bed early, and WAKE YOUR BUTT UP EARLY!

Ep. 13: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Lamentations on Russia

It’s a very sad plight for Mother Russia. She leads the world in a lot of awful categories (abortion, suicide, alcoholism, etc.).
Pray for them and their conescration to Our Lady. It’s as much for their mercy as anything else.

Russian Divorce Stats:
Worldwide Abortion Rates:

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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Feb. 28 – 2nd Sunday of Lent: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure


Doug Barry on why Modesty is to DIE for! (Classic lecture)
Michael Knowles Explains the Growth in Gayness
Matt Walsh’s Ultimate Burrito (hilarious!)
Fr. Donald Calloway Explains St. Joseph’s Significance
The Most Important Video of the Day

Ep. 12: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Patience and Delayed Gratification

Part of “manger-to-the-cross” redemptive suffering is eschewing immediate pleasure in favor of something better later.
This is called delayed gratification. It corresponds with the virtue of patience. Catholics would struggle to grow spiritually without mastering these concepts. Don’t be a zombie that needs to chow down on brains ASAP. Take your time, endure the struggle, and gain the greater prize (eternal salvation).

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Catholics Aren’t Zombies

Russia Consecrated? Give Me a Break.

There’s a new argument going around that says that Russia HAS ALREADY been consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, thus fulfilling Our Lady’s request at Fatima. We should be wary of this ill-begotten position, however.

The argument goes something like this: Russia, unlike other places in the world, has its churches open and is a Christian nation once again following all those years of tyranny. Therefore, the consecration was completed. Half of the world’s Eastern Orthodox live in Russia and are practicing happily in contrast with western civilization and its lockdown paranoia. With all the burgeoning joy of Christian love in Russia, we can set aside our Fatima-fundamentalist concerns over a consecration. The issue resolved itself with the culmination of communism in the east. Russia was consecrated; let’s worry about our business now. At least that’s what we’re being told.

This of course ignores the fact that the consecration has never been attempted the way Our Lady requested (by the Pope in communion with ALL the bishops of the world). To his credit, St. Pope John Paul II attempted a consecration in 1981, but he failed to command the bishops to join him. This doesn’t matter to those who think Russia has turned a new leaf away from its days behind the Iron Curtain. Some even go as far as to say that Russia has officially adopted Christianity as its state religion (this is false; no evidence for it), disavowing the several decades of forced atheism.

Nevertheless, if we confine our understanding of Russia to reality, we can plainly see that the fruits of Russia are rotten and indicative of a place NOT consecrated to Our Lady’s Immaculate Heart. Russia leads the world in abortions. It’s near the top of the world in other categories such as suicide, alcoholism, single motherhood, divorce, etc. If you think the U.S. is bad with abortion (it is!), you don’t want to delve too deeply into Russia. They have 53.7 abortions per 1,000 women. The U.S. has 20.8 per 1,000 women. In other words, the U.S. is closer to being abortion-free than it is to Russia’s astronomical rate. The second-most-child-slaughtering country is Vietnam (the USSR’s old commie buddy), which kills at a rate of 35.2 per 1,000. Kazakhstan is third at 35 per 1,000 women. Most of the world’s worst offenders are connected to the old Soviet bloc one way or another. Their child-murdering habits give no indication that they ever repudiated material atheism and totalitarianism.

I could spend all day detailing why Russia remains economically backwards and has been the great harbinger for everything American and wretched in the 2020’s, but the abortion issue tells the story with perfect lucidity. Would it be much of a stretch to say that abortion is the perfect proxy for communism and brutality? Russia, just like the US, doesn’t engage in child sacrifice either. That’s being way too generous. That implies that women committing their abortions VALUE their children beforehand. Unlike Abraham, who didn’t want to sacrifice Isaac but was willing to do so out of fealty to God, today’s women place no value in their offspring. Most find the prospect of motherhood contemptible, an obstacle to further fornication, and an economic albatross. This means that their abortions are nothing better than an outright slaughter, and the eugenicist dictators, marionetted by Satan, are overjoyed by it. Russia, the U.S., and the rest of western civilization fall squarely into this demonic paradigm.

These countries never truly disavowed communism. They may have renamed their authoritarianism or dressed it with a different set of trousers. Irrespective of whether we choose to acknowledge it, the U.S. has a long love affair with all 10 Planks of Marxism. It takes nothing more than a pair of working eyes to see the obvious horror of these social-political circumstances for a world that’s not even in the ballpark of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. To suggest otherwise, would be to diminish the purity and splendor of Her Immaculate Heart to the point of blasphemy.

If we take seriously Our Lord’s admonition of “by their fruits, you’ll know them,” then we ought to ponder long and hard about the condition of the Russian Federation (still second in the world in suicides) and whether it comports itself to the holiness of the Blessed Virgin. It’s either that or we have completely misunderstood the significance of a consecration. Bad fruits come not only from false prophets and bad teachers, but also from wicked nations that follow the model of the Old Testament kings, ignoring the good prophets and warnings from heaven:

Sedecias was one and twenty years old when he began to reign: and he reigned eleven years in Jerusalem. And he did evil in the eyes of the Lord his God, and did not reverence the face of Jeremias the prophet speaking to him from the mouth of the Lord.
– 2 Chronicles 36: 11-12.

The visions of Our Lady of Fatima were not only seen by the three holy children: Lucia, Jacinta, and Francisco, but by some 70,000 others as well. Although the Church will never elevate an apparition of private revelation to the binding level of holy scripture, and by extension, God’s holy prophets, we have good reason to believe that Our Lady of Fatima was the most significant revelation since St. John’s Apocalypse. When clergy and secular rulers ignore such warnings, they do so at the peril of their subjects and citizens, just like Sedecias and the Old Testament kings did by ignoring Jeremiah and the prophets.

We don’t have to be part of any “Cult of Fatima” to see that Russia spread her errors long ago and has not since recovered. Pray for the consecration of Russia. Pray for the poor Russians. Pray for the healing of the entire world, which has had an Iron Curtain descend upon it.

1st Sunday of Lent: Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

I might make this a weekly thing where I post good religious videos that would be suitable for Sunday enjoyment. NOTE: I don’t work on Sunday; these are scheduled in advance. Enjoy.

Learn About Hell With Fr. James Altman
Learn About Fasting With Fr. Chad Ripperger
Grace Force Podcast – Could this be the Most Important Lent?
A Nice Tribute to Rush Limbaugh from Dave Ramsey
A Great Discussion About Catholic Culture With Patrick Coffin & Scott Hahn

Limbaugh Wisdom About Democrats

Yes, and as a reminder, there were both Federalist and Anti-Federalist Papers. The Federalists, like Hamilton, Jay, and Madison, were more on the side of the state than the Jeffersonian anti-federalists. So, even with the bigger-government wing of post-Revolutionary America, you had men who were downright anarchists compared to modern leftists.
Today’s statist Democrats are overwrought by the demonic.

For Reference:
Federalist Papers
Anti-Federalist Papers

Neither of which were the blasted Communist Manifesto.

Good Advice From Fr. Z

A lot of folks are ensnared by the rotten tentacles of New Age garbage. I don’t believe I’ve had much trouble with it personally, but there are many who are susceptible to this tendency to want to feel “spiritual.” I think it’s nothing more than the devil aping our natural tendencies toward religion and piety. God instilled them into us for the purposes of directing them toward Him. Satan redirects them toward stupid stuff like Yoga and Santa Muerte. Can you imagine how many of those enslaved individuals (Wiccan practitioners, for example) missed their call as consecrated relgious?

I agree with Fr. Z. It’s time to repurpose those pious tendencies back toward God with Lectio Divina.

If possible, look into how to do lectio divina.   Some people who have been into New Age stuff can benefit greatly from this form of mental prayer.   Be careful not to fall into the New Age forms of so called “meditation”.  Keep to the Catholic forms of mental prayer according to one of the authentic methods:

  • Benedictine lectio divina
  • Carmelite mental prayer
  • St. Francis De Sales method of mental prayer
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola’s 3 methods of meditation and contemplation