E. Michael Jones: What He Gets Right (and Wrong) on Liberty & Catholic Economics

If you haven’t already, I encourage you to check out this Patrick Coffin podcast on Capitalism: Usury Vs. Labor, where he interviews the retrograde Catholic scholar, E. Michael Jones. In its entirety, there’s more good than bad, so I’ll start by praising the high points before critiquing the mistakes.

Both men are solid traditional Catholics, suspicious of the Novus Ordo Seculorum, and eminently well-read. I agree with them often. This podcast tackles several issues of global economics and politics. In it, they discuss topics like gold, money, usury, Catholic economic scholarship, Talmudic Jewish greed, and so forth.

These trends and topics are incredibly pertinent to the ongoing cataclysmic meltdown around the world. Let’s see what Coffin/Jones get right and wrong.

What They Get Right

  • Jones gives extensive background into wicked usury, condemned in Holy Scripture, and distinguishes it from user fees. He makes convincing points about how the Catholic hierarchy got into trouble mingling with usurious banker Jews. Without this problem, nobody would’ve cared about the sale of indulgences.
  • He makes exactly the same comparison of Bitcoin to “Tulip Bulb Mania” that folks like Peter Schiff use to illustrate cryptocurrency flaws.
  • Coffin and Jones both identify an intellectual apathy among Catholics, including traditional Catholics, with regards to our legacy of economic scholarship. Of course, we need to know what that is (free market economics) before having any chance at regaining our academic heritage.
  • Their recognition and explanation of the crooked central bankers from the Creature of Jekyll Island also deserves commendation.
  • Jones is one of the very few scholars to acknowledge what he calls the Jewish Revolutionary Spirit. For his efforts, he experiences a very legitimate white martyrdom. This shows he has guts, follows Our Lord’s approach to contradicting the world with truth, and demonstrates how you cannot criticize those who really run the world.

What They Get Wrong

  • They speak of libertarianism and capitalism extensively without defining either term.
  • They never mention the intellectual cornerstone of libertarianism, the Non-Agression Principle (NAP). You cannot be taken seriously as an analyst of libertarian thought without mentioning this concept. Libertarianism is way deeper than merely gurgling together a few utterances about rights and freedom.
  • Like many other critics, they devote lots of time to the straw-man problem of libertinism, but without using that distinction. This occurs during their discussion about hedonism in San Francisco with alleged libertarians like Michel Foucault and Fr. Robert Sirico. Foucault, especially, was an on-again/off-again Marxist pedophile. He was as much a libertarian as Jeffrey Epstein, viz. he wasn’t.
  • Jones mischaracterizes Hans Herman-Hoppe’s advocacy of a stateless society as domination by “insurance companies.” I can’t find anything that suggests this is Hoppe’s strategy for anarcho-capitalism, but I’m happy to be proven wrong. Does Jones have a source for this? His research on many other topics is stellar, but this appears to be the occasional academic fart on his part. Alas, nobody’s perfect.
  • The other points about Murray Rothbard and gold are overly simplistic as well. As a Catholic, I know to store my true treasures in heaven. Without making this article excessively long, I’ll just mention that the finite amount of gold in the world, does not negate its potential as currency. This is particularly true when society employs a bi-metal approach. I don’t recall them saying much about silver.
  • He considers the Austrian School of Economics to be an intellectual justification for capitalism (which he views negatively) and a stepping stone toward communism. This is actually pretty close to dialectical materialism (Marx’s view of economic evolution). I contend, however, that the Austrian school is really the continuation of the Catholic patrimony of economic thought. When virtually every academic community in the world was going full commie and Keynesian, Austrian scholars stuck with common sense economic theory. In a similar vein, Austria was the last Catholic monarchy through the reign of Blessed Karl. This made them the last traditional monarchy to hold the line amid a world converted to secular monarchialism. In other words, that country generally bucked modernist trends occurring elsewhere.

Why Catholic Libertarianism Matters

So, to summarize, Coffin and Jones are mostly dismissive and critical of libertarianism. They conflate it with young men struggling to find agency in life through entrepreneurialism rather than faith in God. This is an obvious mischaracterization.

All Catholics should at least comprehend libertarianism because it’s essentially the social-political exemplification of God’s 5th and 7th Commandments. Thou shalt not kill, and thou shalt not steal. Libertarians appear to be the only ones who still take these Commandments seriously, while the rest of the world embraces moral, economic, and political relativism.

As I demonstrate in Caesar Vacantism, the state is the world’s turbocharged engine for brutalizing these two Commandments. They also rip to shreds the 8th Commandment: thou shalt not LIE!

We might ask whether our fellow Catholics still believe, as the Church teaches, that we should abide by these divine mandates?

If we support the existence of a state, one that coerces and taxes, as they all do, then there’s something we need to know: How much is the state allowed to violate the 5th and 7th Commandments? Does God actively desire that somehow?

I know that many traditional Catholics will balk at my insistence that the state is a curse heaped upon humanity. I remind them of two things:

1) It’s precisely a curse, because God made it such when the Hebrews begged for a king in 1 Kings Chapter 8 (1st Samuel Chapter 8, in new versions).

2) The culture of death, which Catholics rightfully oppose, emanates from and flows through the state. You would not have this ubiquitous contraception/abortion problem if central banking and taxes (core planks of Marxism) hadn’t ruined our money and rendered our children as liabilities.

I would go as far as to say abortion would not be 10% of what it is now if it weren’t for central planning and crooked courts. Libertarianism easily eliminates these dastardly forms of aggression.

I’d like to make one final point regarding the demons we face, ones that harness the very worst faculties of the state. The exorcist priest, Fr. Chad Ripperger, regards greed and fraud as the two patron demons of the U.S. (a dying world hegemon). This is especially significant and it explains everything you need to know about the Creature of Jekyll Island (which even sounds like a demon moniker).

Today’s ubiquitous evil doesn’t come from “unbridled capitalism” or anything of the sort. It comes from preternatural forces, demons from Hell, that latch onto the most perfidious mechanism for greed, corruption, death, and misery: the state!

So, as always, ditch the state, resist greed and fraud, define all your terms precisely, and pray for an end to all state-driven scourges.

Deus Vult!

Depravity of the Baby Formula Shortage

So, I think we can draw one of either two conclusions about the baby formula shortage. 1) It’s part of the radical depopulation agenda, or 2) We apparently need to starve people (including infants) to address more pressing concerns regarding Russia.

Of course, I would like not to have to surmise such grim conclusions about other people, but they leave little alternative. Ron Paul explains this problem perfectly once again: government regulation, which protects businesses rather than consumers, has led to an artificial shortage in formula. That means the problem didn’t have to happen. Thankfully, his son, Rand Paul, is trying to do something about it, but he’s one guy out of several dozen Senate sociopaths.

While we’ve sheepishly decided to “accept” empty shelves for normal food items, it’s far more incredible to see the apathy towards this problem with baby formula.

Corrupt Elites: The Perennial Culprit for Everything

I’ve mentioned before in my book, Caesar Vacantism, that government regulations were NEVER designed to protect the little guy or the disenfranchised. My specific regulatory examples were the FDA and USDA, the ugly bureaucracies that emanated from the Pure Food & Drug Act. While the FDA doesn’t officially make a final judgment on baby formula, they do have an important purview.

Here we see, yet again, that when there’s a financial, political, or ideological incentive for the elites, these regulatory agencies will rule in their favor. That’s because they were designed to do so from the very start (at the turn of the 20th century). Since there are political motives for starving infants, such as Bill Gates’ experimental slime formula, the bureaucracies can’t wait to roll over dead and allow for a huge shortage.

This is not your guardian-variety corruption, however. The formula debacle involves our most innocent members of society, infants. Yet, we cannot park the greed, fraud, or fixation on Russia, even momentarily, to address a problem that threatens infant starvation.

I know this is a trite question these days, but how far have we fallen as a society? I don’t think civil war even really comes close to explaining the chasm between external manifestations of good and evil nowadays. If we can’t set aside political ideology (which our enemies, the left, treat as religion) for something like infant starvation, then there is positively no hope for reconciliation.

At any rate, if we get out of this mess with any semblance of society still intact, never again should anybody spend a drop of energy debating the virtues of “regulating the economy.”

What Heals The Mind, Body, & Soul?

How do you achieve the triple crown of health: optimal conditioning of the mind, body, and soul?

That’s quite a puzzler for many these days. I think at this point it’s not even necessary to spend long periods of time expounding upon all the evidence of bad mental, physical, and spiritual health in Western Civilization.

While I can also go through litanies of solutions to these problems . . .

  • Keto Diet and Fasting for weight loss
  • Meditation for mental stress
  • Avoiding crummy foods, toxic medications, and chemicals

. . . ultimately, we find only ONE cure for every problem, every ailment that afflicts mind, body, and soul. What is it?

It’s God. It’s God, and it always has been. He’s been waiting lo, these many years for us to stop with all the self-help obsessions and quick fixes. He’s been waiting for us to return to him, to be cleansed in the blood of the lamb through confession as well as the other Sacraments.

Learn About God’s Healing Power

You don’t need to believe me. Check out this selection from Church Militant’s spotlight video: Sick Soul. After you do that, ask yourself if you really think you’re going to find better results consulting some self-help guru, somebody that wants to peddle a $2,000 course to you, or even a PSCYHOtherapist.

Nope, God is the key. God, through his Catholic Church, is the only who can heal us at this point. We’ll never get past this culture of purple-haired, shaved-headed snowflakes or diabolical narcissists without His help.

We have to ask for help and be willing to rectify our lives. Those are two difficult conditions for a lot of people, but other than that, it’s free. There’s no gimmick, no scam, no “catchy CTA,” no 30-minute info-session, none of that.

God has exactly one Call to Action: Pick up your cross and follow Me.

P.S. While I was searching for a good image for this post, I searched for things like “healing the soul.” Overwhelmingly, the image results involve Yoga, Reiki, and other New Age wickedness (a whole bunch of girls sitting in the stupid Lotus position).

I adjure you to avoid this evil. It’s worse than snake oil. It’s diabolical. Please don’t fall for pagan, witchy solutions, as they will only make your life worse on every level.

Religious Groups & Medical Common Sense

Yes, we have to visit the abortion issue. Yes, it matters more than other trivial health, social, and political concerns. Yes, we have clear evidence that some religious groups (if you can still call them that) are clearly bonkers are on basic fundamentals of biology. Either that or death, murder, misery, and moral depravity are fine in their books.

Of course, I could devote plenty of time to the supposed need to be a biologist to distinguish male from female. I’ll relent to comment on that, since it’s run its course by now.

Instead, how about this survey research that Yahoo (generally fake news) published about religious groups and abortion. I’ll parse out the interesting parts.

Here goes:

  • Mainline Protestants – 33% oppose abortion
  • Evangelical Protestants – 63% oppose abortion
  • American Jews – 17% oppose abortion
  • American Muslims – 45% oppose abortion
  • American Catholics – 42% oppose abortion (this excommunicates the other 58%)
  • Jehova’s Witnesses – 75% oppose abortion
  • Mormon’s – 70% oppose abortion
  • Overall Americans – 49% believe it should be legal

I think we can see what’s going on here (though I had to clean up that messy Yahoo article). Only the more conservative religious groups take the fundamental right to life (beginning at conception) seriously. In fact, you can tell from these numbers that some of these religious groups are a farce insofar as they don’t even believe in their own doctrine.

Here’s a translation of what those stats really mean:

  • Jews haven’t been practicing their faith for eons, and have forgotten all the basic stuff from Genesis (or they just identify with the “Jewish Culture”).
  • Mormons and Jehova’s Witnesses – although their theology is completely bizarre, they can at least get the rudimentary aspects right.
  • Muslims – some behave well, but the faith of “put all infidels to the sword” doesn’t have the warmest relationship with the unborn.
  • Evangelicals are consistent and steady on this issue. We have our disagreements, but these guys don’t occupy the loony bin at least.
  • Mainline Protestants went lefty a long time ago. Just as it was for Martin Luther, hard teachings like “don’t kill the unborn,” are too difficult to follow. Therefore, they opted for the easy mode outside of the one, true Church. Not surprisingly, their numbers are dwindling rapidly.
  • Catholics are basket cases, who, like Jews, have a strong propensity for loving the cultural aspects of the faith, but most lack the faintest clue about Church doctrine. This is a sad referendum on the way they approach virtually every other tenet of Church teaching as well.

So, there you have it. Meditate on these numbers a bit, folks. I know these aren’t completely novel. You’ve probably seen similar figures already. They are, however, an indicator of how most Americans have dropped religion in favor of political ideology (a new religion essentially).

Impossibly Awful Food

Zero Hedge reports that the company known as Beyond Meat isn’t making money off its fake meat, and therefore having to lay off lots of workers.

Who could have seen that coming? Perhaps Americans don’t really like fake beef made from plants (and probably styrofoam) after all.

OBSERVATION: I noticed not, but a few weeks ago that the only thing in the meat aisle that wasn’t virtually empty was the Impossible Beef. In other words, while every other meat variety was hemorrhaging from shelves, people STILL didn’t want anything to do with the Impossible poison.

Who would have thought?

Why Doctors Don’t Use Drastic End-of-Life Measures on Themselves

I think this is a very under-discussed topic in today’s health/medicine intelligentsia. How far should we go to preserve our lives with extreme measures after we can firmly determine such efforts will be futile and inflict misery?

As we can see from the data, most Americans want to die at home with minimal intervention, but more often than not, medical professionals cajole them into hospital stays and “life-saving” interventions.

Would Doctors Use the Shock Paddles on Themselves?

The Reality of CPR for Seniors: Get the Facts - DailyCaring
Can CPR save lives? Yes, in rare cases, but even if it works, doing it on a 90-year-old who is about to die anyway is often useless, plus they get a few broken ribs for your effort.

Is this the case for the doctors themselves, though? What do physicians, who witness every angle and aspect of how we die, do when they become terminally ill?

Well, it turns out . . . not as much as normal Americans. Check out this eye-opening (albeit 11 years old) article from a doctor who shuns all the unnatural life-preserving mechanisms we regularly inflict on the elderly/infirm.

Basically, the gist of that article is this:

1) Doctors perform way too many unnecessary and brutal procedures in the hopes of eeking out a few more weeks of life for a patient. It’s expensive and downright torturous to the frail folks approaching death’s doorstep.

2) Family members acquiesce to hyper-interventionism out of hysteria. In stark contrast to previous generations, nowadays, family members lose their minds when a relative is about to die.

3) Doctors have tons of incentive to over-treat with the most invasive procedures for fear of malpractice reprisal as well as economic gain (risky procedures really bring in the old Medicare Gravy).

4) Any doctor whose been around this for more than a week knows darn well they would NEVER allow it to be done to themselves.

Therefore, doctors wisely avoid the rotten, intrusive, and frankly violent procedures inflicted onto most American elderly, end-of-life.

Once again, we as Catholics and decent human beings need to reflect on this over-emphasis on harsh end-of-life treatments like chemo, open-heart surgery, and even CPR. Perhaps we call it “end-of-life” for a reason: your life is supposed to end and you should willfully embrace it.

The saints did not accept drastic “life-saving” zombie life support. As much as I and other Catholics value good health and fitness (hence the blog title), it’s a wicked kind of idolatry and self-worship to preserve one’s life AT ALL COSTS.

Let us, instead, return to the holy strategy of memento mori (remember your death), and not subject ourselves or loved ones to the excessive mortality aversion of 21st-century deathcare.

Saint Jerome in his study - (after) Marinus Van ...

Want A Catholic Keto Success Story?

This is an excellent example of what you can do with both Keto and intermittent fasting. What an amazing story of thing Catholic from St. Louis who got into better shape and went deeper into his faith.

Courtesy of the Grace Force Podcast with Fr. Richard Heilman & Doug Barry

There’s a reason I champion this as one of the best ways for beginners to lose weight and move toward optimal fitness. Are there other approaches? Of course, there are. However, if you want something simple to follow, these are your two most effective weapons. Moreover, fasting is one of the most critical spiritual components in all of Catholic tradition.

How Did We Eradicate Disease? Plumbing!

Have you spent any time thinking critically about what led western civilization into much greater health and life expectancy? Do you question the flimsy narrative that it all had to do with vaccines and antibiotics (since those came well after the fact)? Then perhaps you’ve heard of one of the REAL contributors to health and prosperity: PLUMBING!

Yes, plumbing, which has brought us clean and safe water, has made an enormous difference in avoiding miserable water-borne diseases.

Learn more by checking out this report on how plumbing, a gift from God, allows us to live much healthier lifestyles than we could have dreamed of in centuries past.

Cleaner Beer Might Help You A Lot

I previously told you how awful foods, including cheap beer, have an enormous impact on your health. I want to convey some personal anecdotes about the beer aspect a little more, and share with you some recent experiences.

Drink Less, Drink Better, Drink Cleaner

I ultimately believe that the best thing you can probably do for your kidneys, gut health, liver, and entire digestive function is ditch alcohol. It’s likely more harm than good. However, God calls most of us to approach this substance (the same one He used to transform into His Precious Blood) with temperance rather than teetotaling.

I’ve found that the formula of drinking less beer, drinking more premium beer, and drinking cleaner (GMO-free) beer has given me steady improvements in my own health. Here are some things I’ve noticed since adopting this approach:

  • No semblance of a hangover because I don’t bog down my digestive system with all that crummy corn that the cheaper American beers use.
  • Beer is less likely to leave me feeling ackwardly full or satiated.
  • Beer is less likely to leave me anxious about pushing the test and slipping into drunkenness.
  • I feel way more in control of the drinking experience.

What Did I Do Specifically?

I set some serious boundaries with alcohol. First of all, I don’t drink during the week unless somebody invites me (which happens maybe once a month, if even that). Secondly, I drink either on Saturday or Sunday (NOT both). Third, drinking MUST abate no less than an hour before bed since it always disrupts my sleep. Last, I only drink beers that are imported or I have a good idea they were made without the GMO garbage.

Spencer, the new American Trappist - Belgian Beer Specialist
Consider drinking good beer like this one made by the Spencer Trappists.

These rules of the road helped a ton. I haven’t had any issues with bad sleep, poor digestion, or anxiety about drinking too much. If you are seeking to develop a more temperate approach to drinking, don’t want to fill your body with corporatized, filthy food/drink, then I recommend doing things like this.

Deus vult! Enjoy the festive Advent and Christmas seasons. Enjoy drinking the way God intended it, not as gluttonous slaves to our passions and appetites.

Good Primer on Vitamin D (Dr. Bill Sardi)

If you’re in the mood for a decent and digestible deep dive into Vitamin D, you might enjoy this article from Dr. Bill Sardi.

If you don’t have the time to read that much, I’ll summarize it for you.

  • Should you supplement with Vitamin D?
    • Yes, but it’s always better to get it from the sun directly.
  • Do the medical elites manipulate studies on Vitamin D?
    • Yes, which is why you must pay attention to how they value their pocketbooks over producing real science. This has implications in almost every industry, and that impacts you in more ways than you can imagine.
    • There are lots of new studies on the topic ever since the scam-demic, but we don’t need a 100,000 publications to tell us what we’ve know for ages: that we improve our immune system dramatically with exposure to sunshine.
  • Can you get enough Vitamin D from your diet?
    • No, even if you chug tons of milk (highly NOT recommended) and eat three dozens eggs per day, you won’t get enough.
  • Should I take supplements if/when I don’t get sunlight?
  • What’s a good daily dosage of Vitamin D?
    • If you store up a lot in the summer, you’ll be at an advantage in the winter when there is less sunlight. However, in the winter, consider taking at least 8,000 IU. Since the Vitamin D gels often come in 5,000 IU units, I often take two of them for 10,000 IU. This is a bigger deal during those times when you get hit with nonstop rain/clouds for nearly a week.

Tired of The Vaccine Spin Yet?

I’m wondering if people will finally start to tire of the idea of getting vaccines in perpetuity. Actually, I’m not. I know we always take the path of least resistance and retreat to comfort. Resisting tyranny is too much like work.

With that caveat in mind, here’s a recent look at the mRNA vaccines and how they’ve correlated caused all of the with new COVID cases.

I know people’s beliefs are widely determined by their news sources. This is why I consistently remind everybody to shut off CNN and MS-LSD and seek out resources that have been censored by the wicked deep state. Most of the experts who have censored are actually experts, which is a lot more than you can say about the medical mouthpieces of the news networks.

Cheap Food Costs More In The Long Haul

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: one of the most dangerous things you can do is to be “penny wise and pound foolish.”

Cheap Food Slowly Kills You

If you cheap out on food, you will pay for it in the long haul. Seer this concept into your mind. So many people operate under the misconception that healthy food (real food) is super expensive.

I’m not telling you that your only hope for good food is to spend a fortune at the most expensive grocery stores (i.e., Fresh Market), but you better make wise investments into your health.

That 50 cents or so that you save using poisonous canola/vegetable/sunflower/soybean oil will REALLY come back to haunt you. The same goes for all the drinks that you insist on sweetening with sugar, aspartame, high-fructose corn syrup, sucralose, and every other revolting concoction.

It’s tragic to choose those rotten franken-chemicals to grease your pan instead of the much healthier coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, or butter. It’s horrible to see folks opt for processed food crammed in a box, potato chips, and “low fat” food, as opposed to the real food your ancestors would have eaten not too long ago. The immediate dollar savings are minuscule compared with the future doctor visits you’ll have to endure sooner or later.

You ought to see how this stuff is made. It’s basically the byproduct of farming and something for which they have no better purpose. It gets dumped on you because you’ll take anything if it’s cheap (especially if it’s addictive).

This problem even permeates into the beer market. If you don’t believe me, check out what really goes into the cheaper (usually American) brands of beer.

Hidden Ingredients in Beer | Food babe, Gmo corn, Beer company
You must be a beer snob these days. If for no other reason, but to avoid all the damn corn they insist on using in your favorite American beers. Light beer is low on taste; high on poison.

Inflation Will Make Folks Desperate

I don’t yet know whether the shortages of cheap crap produced domestically or from China will convince people to purge themselves of the dependence on cheap products, dietary or otherwise. We might speculate that consumers will eventually adjust and resume eating properly prepared whole foods like we did decades earlier. This is difficult to predict though.

I suspect healthy foods like produce and quality meat products will suffer from inflationary increases like everything else. However, in the meantime, those items might still be affordable as people desperately cling to their fast food addictions. It could take a very long time for people to make the adjustment; they’ll probably go kicking and screaming. That is, at least until the crummy restaurants close for good.

We know that God transforms evil into good, and it may become the case that inflation and desperation finally force people away from the addictive franken-chemicalled foods, but only time will tell.

In the interim, smart minds will recognize the sinking ship of cheap food and paddle away toward healthy saturated fats, limited amounts of clean carbs, and good protein. Maybe folks will finally come to grips with reality and hop onto the Paleo Diet. They have only their inflammation, misery, cabinet full of maintenance medications, foggy mindedness, and depression to lose.

Oh, and as usual, don’t count on your elites to bail you out on this kind of problem either.

Are Abortions Really Good For Women?

For anybody who has been close to them, hasn’t “compartmentalized” the process, and still possesses a heart, the answer is most assuredly, “NO!”

Here’s a good read on the topic of abortion culture, first recalling that we’re approaching about a quarter of pregnancies ending in abortion now.

They Needed A Study To Tell You McDonald’s Food Is Awful

Yes, according to this Yahoo story (Yahoo News is where I get my most favorite junk news, which helps me keep an eye on worldly, mainstream silliness).

Marvelously, people couldn’t figure out that there are truckloads of disgusting chemicals cemented into fast food like McDonald’s and Taco Hell. How long has this been the case? There’s so many Frankenstein preservatives in McDonald’s that even the mold and worms won’t eat that stuff.

For that matter, McDonald’s own staff avoids this awful “food.”

I’m amazed at how they needed tons of academic inquiry to figure out that they have plastic chemicals in 80% of their products. We’ve known this for ages and it’s further proof that the FDA is more harmful than good when it allows this to continue in spite of it’s allegedly stringent controls.

Bonus: You might want to avoid most American cheap beer as well. Alcohol manufacturers (they’re not worthy of the title “brewers”) now load their “beer” with all sorts of GMO poison such as High-Fructose-Corn-Syrup, Yellow-5, and a litany of carcinogens. Now is as good a time as ever to be a beer snob. When in doubt, why not try a nice Catholic beer option like Spencer Trappist Ale? It’s made by real-life, holy monks!

Whatever you do, don’t put sludge and poison into your body. Ceasing the consumption of this corporate filth will make your journey toward physical and mental wellness exponentially easier.

Rome to Force Vaccine on Clergy Soon?

The Vatican might soon make a move to force vaccines on all clergy in the Church. Why? Because it appears as though some of the largest Dioceses in and around Rome (Milan, Assisi, Norcia, etc.) are doing exactly that.
Check this out as evidence (in Italian, so you’ll have to use translation features).

Folks, as some have commented, this could become the ultimate litmus test for clerics in the Church: Swear fealty and pinch some incense to Caesar with the evil vaccine . . . or NOT. Catholics don’t cave into the dictates of man. The vaccines are a blatant act of aggression at the hands of globalist elites. Please, my friends, do not cave into this wicked scam.

Good News For A Change (in a dark, devilish city)

In contrast with the horrific fires and violence of yester year, Catholic clergy and lay faithful have been processing Our Lord in the Holy Eucharist around the streets of NYC.


I haven’t heard of them doing something like this in NYC any time recently.

There is hope for all sorts of healing in the world, but you better make sure you seek the right source. With the world as chaotic as its been, only God Himself can fix it.

We might also turn to Our Lord’s Blessed Mother for further assistance in our times of dire straits. It’s not just an American/western thing either . . .

I Didn’t Know Hospitals Could “Pause” Delivering Babies

I always thought the only way to pause delivering babies would be for people to press “pause” on MAKING babies. Then again, what do I know? This NY hospital has it all figured out as they force everyone to vaxx, promptly lose about a dozen workers, forcing them to pause delivering babies.

Once again, the tunnel vision of viranoia is causing people and institutions to behave completely irrationally.

How Long Does It Take To Fix Vitamin D Deficiency?

Vitamin deficiency, particularly Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Magnesium, is the driving force behind a lot of illness and autoimmune problems for Americans.

Once we begin to understand that we’re better off addressing weaknesses in the immune system rather than “fighting germs” all the time, we usually return to the same important conclusion: we MUST boost our intake of these essential vitamins.

While that’s a great idea, and I’ve done so successfully myself, it does not mean you will eliminate the problem the first time you gulp a bunch of Vitamin D3 supplements. The process is a lot slower than you think, so patience is the key.

I want to share this quick video to help you understand the process a little better. Restoring your immune system and vitamin levels is not a snap of the fingers.

Yes, it is safe. It’s actually a matter of “how fast will it work?”

Blessed Virgin Mary: Remedy for Plague & War

This blog is dedicated to an audience interested in health as well as holiness.

Therefore, I’m obliged to address two areas of life that SHOULD NOT be divorced from one another: physical health and spiritual well-being. These are not opposed, separate, or mutually exclusive. They draw from one another in amalgamation.

Sometimes we NEED the spiritual in order to address severe maladies in the physical realm. This does not mean every ailment will be addressed through prayer, but a surprising many of them will.

Mary, Most Holy

I would like to take some time in this blog post to discuss why I think the Blessed Virgin Mary will be the ultimate refuge from the disease, war, and tyranny that we imminently face in 2021. I can do this by showing a couple of great examples of how she has already done so throughout history.

Exhibit A: 16th Century Mexico

A place ravaged by the spread of disease and war. Upon the arrival of the imperial Spanish conquistadores, Mexico was devastated, first, by smallpox, and later, by TWO distinct episodes of plague. If one were to go by raw numbers or proportions, Mexico’s experience with three pandemics in one century may have made it the most contagion-beleaguered civilization in world history.

Even the Black Death (which might have been what the immune Spaniards brought with them) didn’t hit Europe as hard as Mexico, which may have lost roughly 1/3 or 1/2 of its population, EACH TIME, IN ALL THREE PANDEMICS.

Could this have been divine retribution in some way against the pagan Aztecs?

The Old Testament mentions countless examples of societies being punished for child sacrifice and other wicked acts. For their part, the Aztecs (as well as their neighbors, the Mayans) were fervent practitioners of human sacrifice, which usually involved removing the hearts from still-living victims.

They were a brutal bunch, and although I wouldn’t normally condone the invasion they experienced by the Europeans, it’s hard to feel sorry for such a manifestly-wicked society. As St. Augustine reminds us in City of God, human sacrifice is rampant in polytheistic religions because the pagan deities are usually none other than demons.

This might have been why God allowed the indigenous Mexicans to suffer so much pestilence in the 16th century.

Our Lady, Queen of Hope

Yet, as we would come to see, there was a light of hope amidst not only the diseases but the tons of bloodshed from fighting between the Aztec Mexicans and Spanish.

Our Lady of Guadalupe was the ONLY saving grace for Mexico in the miserable 16th century. The Spanish, who were more interested in power than spreading the Gospel, were not the ones to convert the indigenous Mexicans, but convert they did, and in miraculous fashion.

Discover more about Our Lady of Guadalupe in this Sermon. There are many other resources on this great apparition of Our Lady available online.

Mexico: Fertile Ground For Faith

In 1531 Mexico, the Catholic faith barely existed, owed solely to some early missionary work. It was the direct intervention of Our Lady of Guadalupe who appeared to the peasant, St. Juan Diego, that changed the course of Mexican history.

Aztec paganism would become extinct, Emperor Moctezuma was already slain, the entire region would be embroiled in conflict for decades, and only the faith in Jesus Christ, radiated into Mexico through Our Lady, would hold Mexico together. The overall population in Mexico would crash by at least 50% to 60% in the 16th century and would not begin to rebound until the mid-18th century.

By then, Mexico and most of Latin American were Catholic, much more civilized, and ceased ripping out hearts. This would not have happened without God through the intercession of the Blessed Mother.

Mexico Celebrates Our Lady of Guadalupe * Belated Blessings
Now, in modern Mexico, this apparition from almost 500 years ago, is loved by many.

Exhibit B: The Battle of Lepanto

A desperate Catholic remnant in the latter half of the 16th century, fresh off the burning sting of the Protestant Revolt and the schism of the Church of England, was nearly wiped off the face of the Earth by opportunistic Muslims. As God has promised, the Gates of Hell would not prevail against His Church, and they would not during that critical hour either.

The Battle of Lepanto, in 1571, was a naval contest between the rapidly encroaching Muslims against the Holy League (Catholic states led by the Pope) that would finally see an end to the centuries of fighting during the Crusades.

The 16th Century Ottoman Muslims (who are A LOT LIKE THESE GUYS) thought they were moving in for a final blow, and by all military accounts, they should have won. They out-numbered the European Catholics three-to-one. However, despite insurmountable odds, the Muslims lost!

How in creation did they do that???

The Catholic side finally remembered what its true source of strength was, the power of Jesus Christ, made manifest on earth in His Holy Catholic Church. St. Pope Pius V, sensing that the end was imminent by any natural means, commanded all Catholic combatants to cease what they were doing and pray the Rosary.

What a time to pray?! Right on the precipice of a bloodbath, an entire military takes a timeout to pray. This is unfathomable to modern thinkers.

After the sailors prayed the Rosary as commanded by St. Pope Pius V, the Blessed Virgin Mary appeared and petrified the Muslim invaders. This allowed the outmatched Catholics to win and effectively end the Crusades once and for all.

The portrait above basically tells the story. Our Lady appeared in the midst of the fight and allowed the small fragment of Christian forces to take down the mighty Ottoman Empire.

It’s either that or you have to believe that the Ottomans suffered some kind of mega mutiny, were unilaterally attacked by a Kraken or decided they no longer wanted to conquer. Either way, they lost and the fight was over with the Catholics victorious.

I highly encourage you to hear the full take on the story of the Battle of Lepanto by visiting this source.

Bottom Line

Our Lady kept the Church in Europe alive by winning a war against Muslims at almost exactly the same time she invigorated the faith into the hearts of Mexicans and settlers in the new world where it had not existed previously.

The skeptical Protestant who would commemorate the Reformation and wants nothing to do with the veneration of the Blessed Mother might rethink how much they appreciate the fruits of that victory at Lepanto. If not for Our Lady, had the Catholic navies fallen to the Muslims, it would have spelled the end of Christendom altogether and the Muslims would have conquered Europe, Protestants included.

There is no reason to believe the Ottomans would have “tolerated” the Lutherans. Even centuries later, the Ottomans were not exactly known for that. They would have slaughtered them and replaced their Protestant churches with synagogues.

Think about it.

Did the Lutherans even possess a military to mount a resistance to the Muslims? Negative.

Our Lady indirectly bailed out the ungrateful Lutherans, Anglicans, and all other “bible-alone” Protestants. You’re welcome.

If you’re keeping score, both of these Marian miracles (Our Lady of Guadalupe and Our Lady of Lepanto) occurred in the 1500s, arguably the last enormous crisis time to impact the Church and Western Civilization.

What a time it must have been to be alive, a familiar sentiment that many of us feel today. Great saints emerged from those crisis days.

Will more saints emerge?

As you can tell from these tales, the 16th Century was a near-extinction event for the Church. Only Our Lady’s active rescue made it possible for the faith to survive and flourish. We maintain these lessons for a reason. We may be experiencing yet another near extinction of, not only the Church, but what’s left of Western Civilization.

Make no mistake about it. There is hope but we will have to embrace the loving arms and protective mantle of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Jesus Christ sent us His Mother while still dying on the Cross for a reason.

She is our final refuge from disease, war, and tyranny.

Virgo Potens, Ora Pro Nobis.

Today, September 8th, 2021, is the Feast Day of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin. Happy Birthday to Mary, Mother of God! Give Our Blessed Mother a great present (any time), by consecrating yourself to her Immaculate Heart.

Ecclesiasticus 9:18 – Keep Thee Far From The Man That Hath The Power To Kill

Holy Mother Church has seen fit to preserve in its canon the holy text of Ecclesiasticus (AKA, Sirach), whereas Protestants abandoned these holy scriptures inspired by God.

I invite you to consider Ecclesiasticus, Chapter 9, Verse 18: Keep thee far from the man that hath the power to kill, so thou shalt not suspect the fear of death.

Dear friends, these are pertinent words for our times. We will have to do as many saints of the past have done: resist the state. In particular, resist this communist, medical technocracy, which seeks to enslave and/or exterminate you. This is not trivial or negligible. The man that hath the power to kill is not hiding in his bunker. He is out on the hunt. I dare say he is under the influence of the evil one who is prowling about the world seeking souls to devour.

Are We Now At The Mercy of Medical Monsters? Dr. Mark Sircus Says Yes

All the reasonable voices who suggest alternatives to the Medical Industrial Complex’s approach to “the Viroos” are silenced, ignored, and/or forced into censored compliance. Don’t forget, my friends, there are plenty of alternatives to taking a vaccine when it comes to being healthy and avoiding illness. I’m far from the only who thinks this. It’s simply the case that the pro-vaccine side of the argument is the only allowable opinion on mainstream media platforms.

Bell’s Palsy – From Vaccines?

This Australian politician is gaining a lot of attention because of an alleged connection with one of the vaccines (whichever one he took, I guess) and an onset of Bell’s Palsy.

The CDC mentions a possible connection between vaccination and Bell’s Palsy, only to dismiss it. Though they uniformly dismiss every harmful side effect of these untested serums.

I’d be curious to see where this goes or if we see any other examples like this.

Bottom Line: Be mindful of what you put into your body.

“God gave us a brain. Let us use it.”
-Fr. James Altman.

Continue To Pray For Cardinal Burke

By now, many Catholics are already aware of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke’s serious fight with the coronavirus and how he has been hospitalized. Pray for his recovery, especially as his critics have latched onto his suffering as an opportunity to castigate him over the vaccine madness. Pray for their conversion as well.

The Health Of . . . Your Wealth?!

This blog has morphed into more of a health/fitness brand, but I still like to mention things about finance every now and then.

So, how goes the health of your wealth?
Does it mirror what’s going on in the world (a roller coaster of booms and busts where you’re dependent on the whims of the market and political fiat)?

Robert Kiyoaski gets to the bottom of some of the wild and weird stuff that’s impacted the financial vitality of the world and individuals, and so much of it emanates from something really bad that happened . . . in . . . 1971.

Click the image of Robert below to find out what that is:

robert kiyosaki on stage
Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich-Dad/Poor-Dad and producer of the Cashflow Board Game.

Discover These “Non Masks” That Won’t Suffocate You

Are you somebody suffering from headaches because of the awful facemask mandates? You’re not alone. Luckily, it looks like there could be at least some way to work around it a bit. I still hate the face panties, but I just found out about this:

The Mask That Isn’t

Becky Akers

Doug’s wife is a nurse and is required to wear a mask at work. Like many mask Nazi victims, she started getting headaches. Never had them before. She has found a company that has invented masks so thin and sheer that you can actually breathe through them without getting headaches. But nobody can tell. They were developed by people who know masks are worse than useless, but understand that many are forced to wear them or get fired. My guess is that somebody made a mask out of panty hose, and decided there would be a market for them. If any of your readers want these fake masks, here is the website.

My heart goes out to those of you caught between the rock of a job and the hard place of unemployment. These non-diapers may help you survive your 8 hours so that after work, you can defy, protest, and rebel.


5:59 pm on August 10, 2021

Check Out Kirk Cousins’ Hilarious Way Of Avoiding the Vaccine

Kirk Cousins is pretty red-pilled on the vaccine refuses to take it (good for him). His smart-allicky response to the vaccine tyrants is his promise to shield himself off with plexiglass in the QB room.

Anything beats taking the stupid vaccine. God bless Kirk Cousins (who happens to be the third most accurate QB of all time in the NFL).

Your Elites Do Not Care About Your Health!

Your elites do not care about your health. We live in an era where Noblesse Oblige is dead and state-centered censorship is employed to keep you unhealthy.

The eminent physician, Dr. Joseph Mercola, has become yet another victim of this brutal, and, frankly, communist tactic. Now, in order to access his content you will have download it within 48 hours of him posting it. He’ll delete it after that amount of time to keep the censor commies off his tail. He has decided to do this with all of his content out of fear of reprisal.

Real science and medicine, for those of you still wondering, doesn’t work this way.

This is indicative of a sad and decrepit society where your elites do not care about your health. They only care about whether you purchase health supplies (poison, usually) from approved cronies.

You should listen to what Dr. Mercola has to say about his experiences with wicked forces such as the New York Slimes. It’s despicable . . .

Do Men Need Menstrual Products? Possibly, According to California

If you know what male menstrual products are and can explain them to me, please me contact me directly at munier1@yahoo.com. I have no idea whatsoever what California could possibly mean by this.

Do You Have Skin Issues? Check Your Stress Level!

A lot of people suffer from itchy, swollen, red, and irritated skin because of stress problems. This can run the gamut of everything from Candida to Herpes or even Psoriasis. Our skin is a function of what we eat/drink, how well we sleep, and also whether we can calm down and stop stressing.

Dr. Eric Bakker is one of my favorites when it comes to understanding the connection between skin health and stress. Check out his example of how bad food and stress can aggravate the Herpes condition:

Read the transcript here.

My Favorite Coffee Comes From Mystic Monks!

I get my favorite coffee from MYSTIC MONKS (Carmelites) who live in a monastery in the wilderness of Wyoming.

A Tasty Combination: Monks, Caffeine, and Catholicism
St. Benedict called this “Ora et Labora,” prayer and work.
A link to another website from the Carmelite monks in ...

How cool is that?

This is NOT a paid ad, but because I’m so grateful for this terrific cup of coffee this morning, I have to let everybody else know about the Mystic Monks. You should check them out and give their coffee and tea a try. They taste fantastic. The monks even produce a decaf coffee called “Vespers.” Vespers refers to their evening prayer.
Get it? You do decaf in the evening.

God bless these men who have devoted their life to God and I thank them for terrific coffee too.

Do You Know This Common Health Pitfall for Catholics and Traditional Conservatives?

What is the most common health pitfall for Catholics and Conservatives of our times?

Obesity? Inflammation? Brain Fog? Depression? Those are all good guesses.

It’s relationships and how they impact overall mental health. Yep, sex, relationships, marriage, and courtship. These ARE health issues and they must be addressed if you would ever have a fighting chance of fulfilling your vocation to serve God. This is to say that you would not be SPIRITUALLY HEALTHY without making sure your relationships followed God’s design for your life.

So, for Catholics, find out more about how to do get better at your relationships with each other (and God) by learning everything you can about their dynamics as well as how to understand traditional sex roles. Here’s a great 10-part video series on that topic by Timothy Gordon (Rules for Retrogrades):

Need Blog Posts? I’m Your Guy! 10 Posts for $1,000.

Do you or a client need blog posts for your site?
Well, you’re in luck! I’m your guy . . . especially for health, wellness, and fitness.

I’m offering my freelance services to all those interested. Right now, I’m running an offer of 10 Blog Posts for $1,000. Contact me for details.

What would you get? Well, the best way to tell is to see for yourself by checking out my writing portfolio. I’m versatile on topics and can do other niches, but I specialize in health/fitness. Take a look and see if that’s the kind of writing that would benefit your blog or website.

I look forward to helping you soon.

God bless,
-Chris Munier

I’m Running For Pope!

Yes, in the next Papal Conclave, upon the death/retirement of Pope Francis, I’m running for pope!

Yes, I am completely qualified.

If elected by the College of Cardinals, I promise . . .
. . . to undo the Papacy of Francis.

Gone are: Traditionis Custodes, Amoris Laetitia, Pachemama, and all of the ugly decor in the Vatican.

I will fire basically everyone, all incoming seminarians will be required to go to boot camp and profess the Oath Against Modernism, nobody in the hierarchy will be allowed to be gay, I’m bringing back the Papal Tiara, I’m bringing back capital punishment (especially burning at the stake), all Jesuits will be required to undergo an evaluation to maintain their faculties, Fr. Altman will be fully reinstated and consecrated a bishop and created Cardinal, Fr. Z will be made Prefect for Divine Worship, the Latin Mass will be reinstated as the ORDINARY form of the Mass, communion in the hand and versus populum will be made anathema, bishops will be required to seek papal permission to shut down their dioceses for more than a single Sunday, all priests will be required to memorize the 10 Commandments (in ORDER, there will be a quiz), marriage annulments will be required to endure a 2-year cooling off period before approval,
. . . and I’m just getting started.

Long live, Pope Pius XIII

Ditch the State!
Embolden the Papacy!
Love Holy Church!

The Same Squishy Republicans Push for the Vaccine

You can set your watch to the way certain squishy Republicans behave and how quickly they cave into the mandates of the Left.

This never applies to the Rand Paul’s or Thomas Massey’s of the world. It ALWAYS applies to Senator Mitch McConnell and others like the Governor of Alabama, Kay Ivey. They’ll take the right stand on a position . . . for about five minutes until they get pressured out of it by political forces. The same can be said of the “conservative” media outlets like Faux News.

For a great of example of that cowardice, see this article where the same group of squishy Republicans are caving into the vaccine hegemony.

Don’t fall for it, folks. In fact, as I see all my political enemies line up on the side of vaccines, face panties, and tyranny, I’m all the more confident that my positions are correct.

If You Whine & Complain, Pope Francis Wins

If You Whine & Complain, Pope Francis Wins.

So, don’t start bitching and complaining if you don’t want that to happen. This is addressed to my fellow Latin Mass participants in light of Traditionis Custodis. I’m not saying you have to be hyper obedient or a zombie about it, but we’re being tested and the Pope wants us to backlash against him.

Don’t let it happen. Here’s a good summary of that advice from Tim Gordon:

Tim Gordan on his podcast, Rules for Retrogrades.

Motu Proprio Against Pachemama!!!

Some of you have probably been wondering if there would ever be a Motu Proprio to restrict the divisive and offensive usage of the Pachemama idol in Catholic parishes.

Good news! There is and I just found it! As a matter of fact, I found SEVERAL. Check out this thing called “the bible.” Man, it’s soooooo cool and easy to comprehend. So without further ado, here are the Motu Proprios!

4 Kings 23: 21-25. Here, one of the ancient Old Testament kings erected idols, was rebuked by God, but, by cooperating with Gods commandments, repented and was made anew. Good things happen to those who amend their lives. This king listened to God’s Motu Proprio and was rewarded.

3 Kings 16: 31-33. This king provoked the Lord more than ANY other king by erecting idols in the temple. God restricted him extensively in response. This king FAILED to heed God’s Motu Proprio to knock it off with his idolatry.

Exodus 32. Do you remember the story of the Golden Calf that the Hebrews had Aaron (Moses’ brother) make for them? Well, God had issued a very important Motu Proprio restricting the worship of idols (see the 1st Commandment), but, alas, the Hebrews thought it better to ignore that one. For their efforts, God had them slain. The wages of sin are indeed death.

2 Corinthians 6: 16-18. Do you think the Motu Proprios come exclusively from the Old Testament? Think again. St. Paul reminds us that we ourselves are temples for the Holy Spirit. We should not ignore this Motu Proprio by violating our personal temples with wicked idols. Be sure to thank St. Paul for this efficacious, east-to-read Motu Proprio. One way to screw this up would be to give too much love and affection to that Pachemama monstrosity. Don’t do that then.

So, there you have it. This is but a sampling of the HEAVY RESTRICTIONS God has placed on us with regards to the use of graven idols such as the Pachemama. Everybody should be obedient and rid the world of garbage like that immediately. Perhaps the Vatican would be at the vanguard of this.

Anything else would be . . . DIVISIVE & DISOBEDIENT!

Who is Winning? Globalists or Traditionalists?

Michael Matt is one of the best at pumping up the winning side of the culture wars. Don’t forget . . . the winning team is Church-loving, freedom-loving Catholics. The folks in charge in all the world’s institutions are scared. For that reason alone, there’s no way they should scare you (totally backwards).

Should Catholics Be “Rad Trad”?

Should Catholics Be “Rad Trad“?

Yes, when you consider how much the alternative sucks.

Say what you will about “Latin Mass Rad Trads,” who were basically canceled yesterday. The alternative, mainstream, worldly Novus Ordo Catholicism, is reprehensible. A picture is worth a thousand words. Here are some photos that illustrate how rotten the modernists (the opposite of Rad Trads) are in belief and practice.

1. Eucharistic Dispensers

Ship of Fools: Holy Host Dispenser
Behold the infamous Eucharistic dispensers. These arrived on the scene last year during the COVID paranoia. Somebody thought it was a good idea to place the Most Holy Eucharist into a dispenser that is shaped like a phallic object. Somebody is asking to be swallowed up by Hell. Might the Vatican wish to issue a restrictive Motu Proprio against this?

2. Pachemama

Pope Francis blesses pagan Pachamama statue in Vatican ...
This thing is ugly as sin. Since it’s a demonic idol, that’s not exactly hyperbole either. In the Old Testament, the various kings were castigated severely for having idols in high places in the Temple. The Rad Trads, meanies that they are, would like for us to forego such a practice . . . so that we don’t incur God’s wrath AGAIN. This problem isn’t going away soon however. Recently, priests in Mexico decided to use the Pachemama monstrosity to furnish the Most Holy Eucharist.

3. Clown Masses

Eccles is saved: Anglicans and Catholics
This retarded and awful idea didn’t creep up on us over the last month or two. Modernist clergy have facilitated or overlooked Clown Masses for decades now. You can find all kinds of YouTubes and images of this crap. Well, it may not be “divisive” like the Latin Mass allegedly is, but it is pretty damn ridiculous. It’s not a wonder that most atheists believe we’d be just as good at worshipping a Spaghetti Monster. I think we should become Rad Trads solely to avoid this.

4. Cardinal McCarrick

Cardinal McCarrick - The American Catholic
When you think of the “Spirit of Vatican 2,” what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Well, I think of Uncle Ted. Here’s a guy who followed the modern agenda to a tee . . . at least up until the Vatican got embarrassed into finally stopping his serial pederasty. Nobody takes the Church seriously nowadays, partly because of all the homo priests, nearly all of which operate under the framework of the modern nicety-nice-ety-nice-nice paradigm. Cardinal McCarrick was a lot of things, but he was no Rad Trad.

5. Hideous Modern Architecture

Teaching from the serpent's mouth
This is the Paul VI Audience Hall in Vatican CIty. Yes, it looks like a serpent.
Ugly Churches Win Awards | Catholic News Live
This “sanctuary” looks like an empty college dorm.
The 'Fiery Flying Serpent' from Isaiah 14 Uncovered Inside ...
Here’s another look at the Paul VI Audience Hall. I’m not even sure what those things are. More snakes? Demons? You decide.

6. Face Panties

Masked, distanced priests take part in postponed chrism ...
As I mentioned in one of my podcasts, the modernist Catholics were all on board with face panties, whereas the Rad Trads mostly balked at such stupidity. I can think of nothing more emasculating than a man basically wearing girls’ underwear on his face. It’s even worse when a priest does it. Rad Trad priests who say the Latin Mass might be harder to hear with their backs turned the other way (ad orientem), but at least they don’t muffle their voices with face panties!
With new rules in place, parishes reopen for Masses ...
. . . and, of course, don’t forget about the Eucharistic Monsters Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion. They don’t use a paten like those rigid Rad Trads, but you better believe they stay safe with face panties, face plexiglass, and gloves. “Body of Christ, anybody? Hurry! Take it and get away from me!”

7. Fr. James Martin, SJ

Father James Martin, SJ | What is Lent? - YouTube
He’s asking what it is because he doesn’t know. His religious order, the Jesuits, never participate in “rigid” activities like Lent or reading the scriptures. Otherwise, they wouldn’t make claims like “Jesus didn’t know he was God when he was growing up.” Fr. Martin’s bible doesn’t have any of the stuff about Sodom and Gomorrah because somebody ripped it out as a prank. Now, he preaches that people should be accepting of sodomite activities.

8. Catholic Politicians

Nancy Pelosi Mocks AOC in 'Child-Like Voice' - We'll Do It ...
They’re bad. They’re not Rad Trad.
60 Catholic Democrats Urge Bishops to Not Block Joe Biden ...
Very few Catholic politicians seem to be anything but Democrats. Rad Trads, on the other hand, are rarely members of the Communist Party. As I’ve said before, no Catholic should EVER have been a Democrat.

So, there you have it. Those are some fantastic reasons why you should become a Rad Trad, all of which revolve around a common theme: the alternative REALLY REALLY SUCKS. It’s not even ballpark, guys. Too many modernists wake up every morning, wrap a cord around their arm to get the veins visible, then inject themselves with 300 cc’s of Satan.

You don’t want to do that.

Ditch modernism!
Ditch the “Spirit” of Vatican 2 (discern the spirits for crying out loud)
Ditch Clown Masses, Hideous Snake Buildings, & Fake Catholic Politicians.
Ditch the State!

Love Holy Church.

Global Tyrants Keep Assassinating Anti-Vaccine Presidents

World leaders do not always get assassinated . . .
. . . but when they do, it always coincides with them not cooperating with the Global Tyrants and their Empire of COVID.

Well, at least lately, that’s the case. Haiti, Tanzania, and Burundi have all recently experienced an assassination of their heads of state. Each of these presidents opposed vaccines and/or lockdowns, and they paid with their lives.

So, friends, ask yourselves . . . is this okay?
Why would a legitimate regime or legitimate authorities (as the Davos crowd fashions themselves) need to KILL its opponents?
If the truth speaks for itself, why would opposition have to be censored, controlled, manipulated, and even destroyed?

Red Pill: the whole COVID nightmare has had nothing to do with epidemiology, but rather everything to do with totalitarianism. Totalitarians are, of course, not beyond the use of MURDER to accomplish their agendas.

I saw this coming from the start. I don’t fault if you if you did not understand it at first, but I earnestly hope you are getting it now. We cannot afford to ignore this murderous regime (the Gates, Faucis, Soros, Schwabs, et al. of the world) any longer. Pray, take action, prepare accordingly. Don’t panic, but recognize what’s really happening in the world.

Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, ora pro nobis.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Stop Panicking.

Don’t Worry. Be Happy. Stop Panicking.

You don’t have to obsess over whether the world is falling apart. As this episode of the Grace Force Podcast reminds us, we have plenty of work to do before the world comes to a close.

Fr. Richard Heilman and Doug Barry interview the wise, Desmond, who says WE ARE NOWHERE NEAR THE END TIMES. Give this a listen. It’s a good, positive message.

As I’ve said before myself, we have to stop panicking over the end times and get back to reality. It’s not the time to hunker in a bunker. Don’t shelter in place. Don’t hide from people. Evangelize and bring souls closer to God. You have a duty to do that (not optional).

Want to Live Forever?

If you want to live forever, and only in this crummy natural world, you must abide by its wicked technocracy. Transhumanism and technocracy go hand and hand.

This is God’s way of telling us to stop idolizing a long natural life; to live this life only as a preparation for worshipping Him forever in heaven.

By all means, learn the natural ways to become healthy, because a good body can energize a good spiritual life, but don’t allow that alone to force your eye off the prize. The prize is eternal salvation. It is not the pursuit of an endless natural life.

Do you really want to live forever? I hope not. It’s the epitome of hubris. The same blind pride led our ancestors to erect the Tower of Babel. God stifled and punished them for their pride.

Rest assured that he will do the same to the transhumanists and technocrats running wild today.

Traditionalists: Beware Sins of Impurity, Pride, Isolationism, “Becoming Amish”

Those of us who fashion ourselves as traditionalists really are at risk for these sins and problems. Check out this transcript of one of Fr. Ripperger’s conferences for more on this topic. It’s not his written work, but rather a speech he gave (so the wording is conversational).

Traditionalism is not about hiding in a monastery, begging for the end times, or shunning EVERYTHING in the world. We are to be in the world but not of it.

Do like the lady in the photo: beautiful, modest, but not in a burka.