May 2, 2021: 4th Sunday of Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

This is Good Shepherd Sunday according to the newer Catholic calendar (celebrated last Sunday according to the old way). Enjoy. Fr. Robert Spitzer – Expert on Near-Death Experiences*Kennedy Hall Addresses Concerns About Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre**Fr. Isaac Mary Relyea on ANNIHILATION OF NATIONS (from Vaccines?)An Inspiring Conversion StoryCommon Sense: We Might Not Have Cops Soon (IContinue reading “May 2, 2021: 4th Sunday of Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure”

St. Joseph > Marxy Marx

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph the Worker. St. Joseph has been traditionally recognized as the patron of the Church as well as workers (among many other patronages). With the arrival of our Blessed Lord, Jesus Christ, work was elevated from the level of punishment (Genesis Ch. 3), to a blessing and means forContinue reading “St. Joseph > Marxy Marx”

Happy Feast of St. Catherine of Siena!

Every time I learn more about this great and holy Catholic, St. Catherine of Siena, I’m more impressed. I referenced her several weeks ago about the most appropriate ways to handle a problematic pope (for the podcast on it, see here). Those of us with the occasional flare for vitriol can benefit from her examples.Continue reading “Happy Feast of St. Catherine of Siena!”

Bill Maher Rips Young (18-34 y.o.) Commies

Bill Maher continues to be the only liberal comedian in the universe with any level of critical thinking. Here he rips into the “coveted” and braindead demographic of 18-34’s who either wholheartedly endorse planned economy and/or think law enforcement should be eliminated immediately. How, by the way, do you achieve both of those objectives together?Continue reading “Bill Maher Rips Young (18-34 y.o.) Commies”

Excellent, Comprehensive Resource for Exposing COVID Bull Crap

I was going to make my own “resource database” for all of the information I’ve seen/read related to how the COVID panic is a scam. However, I just found out that somebody else has already done so. Kudos to Laurence Vance for this comprehensive resource of articles exposing the COVID scam (medical, social, political, legalContinue reading “Excellent, Comprehensive Resource for Exposing COVID Bull Crap”

Six Feet Social Distancing = Futile

. . . since a cough or sneeze can send particles dozens of feet within less than a second. Why did we ever fall for the social distancing crap? Might we stop listening to the state and its fake doctors already? Here’s a study confirming the futility of social distancing . . .

3-25-2021: Third Sunday of Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Enjoy. Peter Schiff Dissects the Chauvin Kangaroo TrialGrace Force Podcast: Fr. Heilman, Doug Barry, & Patrick CoffinMichael Matt (always a must watch for red pills)LeBron James Threatens Violence? Yep.Fr. Mark Goring and Alexander Tschuggel Talk Church Schism in Europe

Wicked CNN’s Next Paranoia Agenda (COVID Ran Its Course)

Tom Woods sent me some interesting info from Project Veritas. They’re the ones who go undercover and get mainstream media creeps to spill the beans on their evil designs. Check this out: Tom Woods <>UnsubscribeTo:munier1@yahoo.comFri, Apr 23 at 12:44 PM View in browserThey can’t milk COVID fear forever. They themselves admit it. CNN technical director CharlieContinue reading “Wicked CNN’s Next Paranoia Agenda (COVID Ran Its Course)”

China’s Favorite Site: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church

I’m curious to see if I can artificially boost blog views/visitors by making a BS post about China. Yesterday, I got a lot of views from China, a place where I had not gotten ANY since early February. My only theory is that it had something to do with my reference to North Carolina asContinue reading “China’s Favorite Site: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church”

Would You Like to Donate Poison to Underserved Communities?

Help provide access to the vaccine for underserved communities. Donate Today So I got an e-mail from PayPal that looks like this. I read it as “undeserved communities” initially. If that were the case, I hope that ALL communities are undeserving of this medicinal castration and gene therapy. Why would I want to donate poisonContinue reading “Would You Like to Donate Poison to Underserved Communities?”

Ep 28: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – 16 Health Tips That Work

I have 16 pieces of health-related advice that I have tested and verified as successful. Don’t approach your physical health haphazardly. That’s for zombies, and . . . Catholics Aren’t Zombies! For health advice from a REAL physician, check out Dr. Joseph Mercola at SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State – Love HolyContinue reading “Ep 28: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – 16 Health Tips That Work”

Look, Kiddies, Get Your Vaccine and We Can Go Back to Normal!

In North Carolina, Governor Roy Cooper (the Coops), says he’ll probably remove all Wu-Flu restrictions by June 1st, except for mask mandates. Mask mandate remission is contingent upon having at least 2/3 of the population getting fully vaccinated. In other words, “get the jab, kiddies, so you can go play again.”

And all of a Sudden . . . We’re Back to “Cops Kill Blacks” Mode

For years (at least since the early 2000’s), I’ve suspected that the news media just covers their preferred “flavor du jour” topic. We should now be certain of it. Look at how many “white cop shoots black folk” stories we’ve had in less than two weeks . . . North Carolina sheriff waiting to releaseContinue reading “And all of a Sudden . . . We’re Back to “Cops Kill Blacks” Mode”

Custody of the Eyes? No, the Army Needs Custody of the Brain

Certain fake soldiers in the U.S. Army believe that you might be able to ogle the breasts of female soldiers because the insignia (rank) was placed on the sternum of the uniform. There’s just one problem. Military BDU’s are about the equivalent of a burlap sack in terms of what they reveal. How in theContinue reading “Custody of the Eyes? No, the Army Needs Custody of the Brain”

Satanic Irish Government Makes Catholicism Effectively Illegal

See news link below. Remember, if there is no confession, as the law prohibits, then there is no holy communion. The Irish government has railroaded the very foundation of the fatih. This is satanic and gravely evil. St. Patrick, pray for us.

Fasting Kills Metabolic Disease

Don’t renounce the habit of fasting for 10 months just because Lent is finished. We must remain vigilant even during a celebratory season. Some demons are only driven out through prayer and fasting. If only we understood that cancer is a metabolic disease, NOT a genetic one. Then we would explore the efficacy of fastingContinue reading “Fasting Kills Metabolic Disease”

Ep. 27: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Catholics Must Learn Economics

If Catholics wish to get beyond the intellectual penury of the Marxists, we’ll need to have a better understanding of the topic of economics. Without knowing economics, we’re doomed to be the same cry-babies and scoundrels as the material-atheists on the left. SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church. BuyContinue reading “Ep. 27: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Catholics Must Learn Economics”

4-18-2021: Second Sunday After Easter – Your Sunday Viewing Pleasure

Since Easter is not merely a single-day commemoration . . . Enjoy. Steve Skojec & Tim Gordon’s Bet on Women Deacons“Evil is on Borrowed Time”Are Trad Catholics MEAN? (other than me, of course)Fr. Ripperger Talk – Why Remain CatholicFr. Kirby – Homily on FEAR!

Maxine Waters: “Respect The Chair And Shut Your Mouth!”

This is how Maxine Waters, the permanent Congress Empress from Los Angeles, speaks to her colleagues. What might be even worse than that? How about her nauseous fawning over Anthony Fauci? I could live with a little banter amongst the Congress critters. That can be terrific theater. It’s revolting, however, to hear this woman extolContinue reading “Maxine Waters: “Respect The Chair And Shut Your Mouth!””

Woops! Censored!

Well, I finally got a dose of the censorship from YouTube. They removed my most recent podcast, “I’m Sick of Coronavirus Paranoia.” This was my first ever YouTube offense, which merits a “warning” and would be followed by “strikes” in the event of further sins against YouTube’s homo-marxo policies. Granted, I probably should have seenContinue reading “Woops! Censored!”

Ep.26: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – I’m Sick of Coronavirus Paranoia

Have we not had enough with the permanent paranoia over the permanent pandemic? Look at things with your own two eyes, folks. This has far surpassed the level of absurdity. You don’t an authority figure to tell you it’s a scam. SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church. Buy MyContinue reading “Ep.26: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – I’m Sick of Coronavirus Paranoia”

NFL Mandates Vaccine For Anybody Who Wants to Get Close to Football Thugs

America’s most widely watched (for now) pro sports scam, the NFL, is mandating the Eugenics Vaccine for any personnel who would have close encounters with the players. Granted, at this point, I don’t know why anybody would WANT to be in close counters with the NFL (murderous) thugs. See here, here, here, here, here, here,Continue reading “NFL Mandates Vaccine For Anybody Who Wants to Get Close to Football Thugs”

Which Do You Fear? The Jaws of Hell or The Jaws of Corona?

I’m reminded of the words of St. Francis of Assisi over the context of a vicious wolf that terrorized the people of Gubbio in Italy: “How much we ought to dread the jaws of hell, if the jaws of so small an animal as a wolf can make a whole city tremble through fear?” What aContinue reading “Which Do You Fear? The Jaws of Hell or The Jaws of Corona?”

Ep 25: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Wake Your Butt Up Early

Why do people insist on sleeping so much and waiting until WAY after daybreak to get out of bed? Wake your butt up early! Jesus didn’t “sleep in.” Here’s a video explaining the benefits of rising at 0400:   SUBSCRIBE!!! My Blog: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church. My Book, Caesar Vacantism.Continue reading “Ep 25: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Wake Your Butt Up Early”

4-11-2021: Divine Mercy Sunday – Your Viewing Pleasure

Enjoy. Matt Walsh: Even the 1940’s Were Too Progressive! (Funny)Short Sermon on Visiting the Blessed SacramentDr. Steve Turley: Globalism is Crumbling!!! There is hope!Tim Gordon’s Mini Treatise on Vocations (How Many Are There?)Michael Matt on Globalists Beginning to Eat Themselves

Fumigation Stupidity Proven Useless (finally)

It took the retards in “big health” about a year to figure out what I understood immediately: excessive cleaning and germaphobia would not stop the Corona Doom. Jeffrey Tucker explains:

Judas Iscariot – He’s in Hell

I thought about posting this with my “Viewing Pleasure” collection for this coming Sunday, but then I remembered “Judas Iscariot is inelligible for Divine Mercy (the Church Feast this coming Sunday).” Michael Voris explains why . . . The Vortex — Judas Was Damned – YouTube Bonus: Here’s some (not for children) artwork from IndianContinue reading “Judas Iscariot – He’s in Hell”

Ep. 24: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – The Ted Kaczynski Mentality

Now is not the time to be a Ted Kaczynski and run into the woods and hide. Be a man! Face up to the challenges of our time! You’re not a zombie! SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church.   Buy My Book, Caesar Vacantism. [iframe style=”border:none” src=”//″ height=”100″Continue reading “Ep. 24: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – The Ted Kaczynski Mentality”

Mask Commies: The Same Ones Who Want to Abort Your Children

Allan Stevo, the great anti-mask champion, explains the correlation and causation between Mask Nazism and the wicked eugenics that all men-of-good-will must oppose. I’ve been harping on this from the beginning. THE SAME PEOPLE WHO MAKE YOU WEAR MASKS ARE THE SAME ONES WHO HATE YOUR RELIGION, THE NUCLEAR FAMILY, AND ALL HUMAN DIGNITY.

College Vaccine Mandates Are Illegal

Let’s use the commies own laws and regulations (FDA, for instance) against them . . . From Becky Akers at As the centers for Marxist brainwashing that Americans mistake for colleges and universities resume actual classes, many require students and staff to submit to the Vaccine That Isn’t. This crime deeply angers an anonymousContinue reading “College Vaccine Mandates Are Illegal”

Catholic American = NOT American Catholic

It’s a rotten idea to consider yourself an “American, first and foremost.” Nobody should declare that as the primacy of their essence. Catholics have no business subordinating the holy identity, their baptismal patrimony, to their status as “Americans.” Americans today clamor for cradle-to-the-grave security whereas Catholics must embrace manger-to-the-cross redemptive suffering. It’s not time toContinue reading “Catholic American = NOT American Catholic”

Ep. 23: Catholics Aren’t Zombies –

You should frequent the best website on the Internet, which is none other than Anti-State, Anti-War, Pro-Market. These are characteristics of any exemplary man of goodwill. LRC does the job of defending them better than anybody out there. SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State – Love Holy Church.   Buy MyContinue reading “Ep. 23: Catholics Aren’t Zombies –”

Holy Saturday – One More Day of Pennance

We’ve almost arrived at Easter. As we say in the Apostles’Creed, after expiring on the cross, Our Lord descended into Hell before rising again on the 3rd day. Why did he go there of all places? This was done for the harrowing of Hell, the divine rescue mission where Jesus gathered the holy, pre-messianic soulsContinue reading “Holy Saturday – One More Day of Pennance”

Good Friday: Ditch The State – Embrace The Cross

Hopefully, you had a chance to attend a good liturgy today in order to honor Our Lord’s salvific death on the cross. One of the touching traditions of the liturgy is the kissing of the cross. I can imagine how foolish this would seem to non-Christians, but it is precisely when the world is likeContinue reading “Good Friday: Ditch The State – Embrace The Cross”

Ep. 22: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Not Evil to Criticize the Black Community

“That’s not nice! You’re a RASHE-IST!!!” Heard that one anywhere? It’s the common refrain any time you make even the faintest criticism of the black community. Let’s ditch the fake concern for racism and have an intelligent discussion about the various cultures in America. Is that evil? SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch The State –Continue reading “Ep. 22: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Not Evil to Criticize the Black Community”

Ditch The State – Love . . . The Most Holy Eucharist!

Today is Maundy Thursday, which commemorates Our Lord’s institution of the Holy Eucharist. Perhaps as we start see the collapse of the “Enlightenment” way of thinking, including the empty spirituality of Protestantism, we can not only ditch the state, but ditch rationalism, scientism, modern & post-modernism, and re-embrace the supernatural. Our Lord’s gift of HisContinue reading “Ditch The State – Love . . . The Most Holy Eucharist!”

Don’t Join The Military!

It pains me to say this since I respect the discipline of military training and am well aware of how few employment options there are for men now. I mentioned in Caesar Vacantism how it’s a good career move in lieu of living in urban Hellholes or going to college. However, let’s be honest. It’sContinue reading “Don’t Join The Military!”

Ditch The State, Love Holy Church . . . Learn How to Fast

For some reason, my blog reaches a lot of “health nuts,” so I thought I would pander to that in a way. However, my idea of pandering is to take the health wisdom and lead it to spiritual wisdom. I got myself really ripped and fit with intermittent fasting, which, long story made short, ledContinue reading “Ditch The State, Love Holy Church . . . Learn How to Fast”

Ep. 21: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Avoid The Work Place

Why would any woman or man want anything to do with the modern work place? We normally frame this as “should women be in the work place”? I say we get ALL MEN & WOMEN out of the company environment. It would save the sanity and dignity of many. SUBSCRIBE!!! Visit My Blog: Ditch TheContinue reading “Ep. 21: Catholics Aren’t Zombies – Avoid The Work Place”