Welcome to Ditch The State.

Feel free to peruse all the materials on both my blog and writing portfolio. I devote my personal blogging efforts to politics, Catholicism, health, and fitness. My writing portfolio is where I furnish work-related materials, mostly the ghost-writing I do for marketing companies.

You DO NOT have to be Catholic to enjoy this blog since much of the information is universal and applicable across demographics.

Enjoy and God bless.

Site Owner Bio

I’m Chris Munier: marketing writer, part-time social commentator, full-time observant Catholic.

Want to know one of my main inspirations for reverting to the Catholic faith?

Health and fitness! Yep, when I got in good shape a few years ago, I did it by employing a very traditional Catholic practice WITHOUT EVEN REALIZING IT. I took up intermittent fasting, got really lean and in great shape, only to find out that the Catholic Church practically invented fasting. It’s one of the main ways to do penance and honor God. So many people overlook that aspect of it, too. Fasting, working out, and dietary discipline are all ways to mortify the flesh. They make you healthier AND holier if done for the glory of God. I hope I can convince you to do something similar in your life.

Ad Jesum per Mariam.