Job Security is for Pansies

Job security is for pansies.

Although St. Joseph is often depicted carrying a lily, he was definitely NOT a pansy. You shouldn’t be one either.

Why do I mention St. Joseph? Why is job security for pansies?

Well, it’s simple. St. Joseph was probably the one mortal man (aside from the Blessed Virgin) who trusted God the most and he did so despite being put through a gauntlet of risky, life-endangering, precarious scenarios. Nothing about the day-to-day life for St. Joseph was “secure.” He was on the run all the time.

You want examples. I’m sure.

Recall the time St. Joseph had to drop everything and head to Egypt, upon God’s prompting, in order to protect Jesus from Herod’s onslaught against first-born males. How many of you could be detached from your careers long enough to follow God’s call the way St. Joseph had to do in such an acute and dramatic fashion? Probably not many because of fear and a loss of security.

How about when St. Joseph discovered that the Blessed Virgin was with child, conceived by the Holy Spirit? How’s that for shifting the course of a “five-year plan”?

Then there was the time when Mary and Joseph could not find Jesus and had to search three days to find him in the temple doing the work of the Father. Mary and Joseph may have sorrowed and worried, but they did not panic. Imagine how much fear and consternation stirs up in the soul of somebody who so much as gets suspended from work for three days. That person is liable to think the world is ending and that they’re doomed. Yet you didn’t see that level of panic with St. Joseph, even with the looming loss of the God child. He didn’t give up and leave to cry in a “safe space.” He didn’t even do that when they could not find housing on the very night Christ was born.

So, why do you panic and cleave to something as pitiful, ephemeral, and transient as job security?

Either way you look at it, folks. The reality of job security in the 2020’s is bleak and everybody knows it. The question becomes: How do you respond? How do you plan accordingly?

The answers requires soul searching, but don’t think that you’ll be able to continue clutching to job security. One way or the other, you’ll have to get crafty and acknowledge the fact that you are not guaranteed that multi-decade, steady career that nets you a pension, robust 401(k), or any of the other litany of garbage fed to you from conventional wisdom.

You should already know that normal is the new awful. Don’t settle on that and be blown into oblivion with all the other job-security pansies. It’s time to get out of that strait jacket, become some kind of entrepreneur, and make a life for yourself that doesn’t depend on job security.

Security is for wimps. Be like St. Joseph. He didn’t have job security. He was an entrepreneurial carpenter and a versatile hero.

Job security is for pansies.

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