Woops! Censored!

Well, I finally got a dose of the censorship from YouTube. They removed my most recent podcast, “I’m Sick of Coronavirus Paranoia.” This was my first ever YouTube offense, which merits a “warning” and would be followed by “strikes” in the event of further sins against YouTube’s homo-marxo policies.

Granted, I probably should have seen it coming given the way I handled the topic, and even the title itself. Nevertheless, building a huge YouTube following was never an active intention of mine. If it worked incidentally, then that would have been nice, but I’ve never approached my podcasting ambitions with the mindset of making it big on that imbecilic platform. You can listen to Catholics Aren’t Zombies in a whole host of other places.

Either way, you know you’ve done well when the commie censors come after you a little. Blessed are those of us who are censored, and, therefore, reviled on account of the truth.

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