Which Do You Fear? The Jaws of Hell or The Jaws of Corona?

I’m reminded of the words of St. Francis of Assisi over the context of a vicious wolf that terrorized the people of Gubbio in Italy:

“How much we ought to dread the jaws of hell, if the jaws of so small an animal as a wolf can make a whole city tremble through fear?”

What a prescient meditation for our times. As we continue to endure the hysteria of the masses with regards to “Corona Death,” I detect so many parallels to that dreaded Wolf of Gubbio.

“Not only did the wolf kill and devour livestock but it began to attack and devour humans.  All attempts to kill the wolf failed and the people of the town would literally shut the town down in fear whenever the wolf would appear.”

explanation by Fr. michael cummins

There are so many who are STILL terrified by a stupid virus. Modern folk have not the slightest contemplation of the horrors of Hell, but their sense of awareness of the Coronavirus is a permanent “high alert” just like the people of Gubbio and that wolf. We’ve allowed our enemies who occupy high offices to shut down our entire world over it. The Jaws of Hell are of no concern when juxtaposed with the Jaws of an Itty-Bitty Virus that kills .01% of the population.

Imagine, for a second, that ravenous (or just plain hungry) wolf and how many victims he might have really consumed. Could the Wolf of Gubbio have eaten more than an infinitesimal portion of the population? One wolf, even a big one, isn’t going to do enough damage to warrant hysteria. Yet it’s enough to get an entire community to lose their minds and abandon all manner of reason.

With a wolf on the prowl, the rest of life’s matters would become null and void. Those of little faith resort to this mentality often.

This is where we are with the Corona Doom. The elites who concocted this paranoia, those who were far more pernicious than the “boy who cried wolf,” have gotten us to neglect all semblance of the spiritual life so that we may fixate on their doomsday narrative. St. Francis of Assisi, one of the most incredible and humble saints, was able to remain calm and tame the wolf. He did this with a similar poise and equanimity as Our Lord when He calmed the raucous waves when He and the apostles traveled by sea. When the people of Gubbio saw what St. Francis did with the wolf, they converted and worshipped God. Allelujah!

Now is the time for you, dear reader, to muster the courage of the saints, stop wearing face panties and getting vaccines, ignore the SCARY virus, and show your friends, family, and neighbors that the elites’ virus communism is no more threatening than a cranky, hungry puppy.

You should dread the Jaws of Hell. The Jaws of Corona are a transient veneer.

One final note: yes, this is the more accurate account of the significance of St. Francis’ interaction with animals. It’s a contrast to the “nature hippy” propaganda you’re accustomed to hearing. We don’t fix our problems with hippy solutions. We do so with humility, prayer, sacrifice, and confidence in God.

St. Francis of Assisi, ora pro nobis.

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