Ditch The State, Love Holy Church . . . Learn How to Fast

For some reason, my blog reaches a lot of “health nuts,” so I thought I would pander to that in a way. However, my idea of pandering is to take the health wisdom and lead it to spiritual wisdom.

I got myself really ripped and fit with intermittent fasting, which, long story made short, led me to appreciate the spiritual illumination that accompanies fasting. This is not necessarily a “mystical” sort of thing, but fasting can lead one to God, through Our Lord, Jesus Christ, because He was the one who perfected it (40 days . . . 40 nights).

I encourage my readership to consider the physical disciplines they use for bodily fitness and how they might lead them to God as well. Fasting and exercise are MORTIFICATIONS, where we subject our bodies to suffering, an imitation of Jesus Christ’s passion. Sure, fasting and exercise can make you lean and buff, but there’s always a more eternal reason for doing these sorts of things.

Lent is the perfect time to learn the holy aspects of prayer . . . and fasting. Here are some resources on the topic:
Fasting to Love God More – YouTube
The Secret of Fasting (article)
Fasting (book by a priest named “Fr. Barbaric”)
A Few Quotations from the Saints


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