Women Experience Super Majority of Vaccine Side Effects!?

If it were anything else, the feminists and virtue signalists would be howling against the patriarchy louder than a harpy from hell. Yet as it pertains to the China VIrus vaccines, women suffer a SUPER MAJORITY of the share of side effects.

You’ll hear crickets from the establishment and its feminists because the greatest side effect will be mass sterilization, which they covet.

They aren’t hiding their wickedness any more. They even admit that vaccine passports will be used as the only way to regain one’s “freedom.” They are trying to trap us and this ploy will work against the weak-willed.

Remember when that was a fringe conspriacy theory?

But, wait, there’s more! If that wasn’t bad enough, Krispy Kreme has gotten in on the Social engineering with a gimmick to bribe fat people into getting the malevolent China-Flu Jab.

Do not take the vaccines. Do not listen to the state or any of its wicked henchmen. They oppose God and His One True Church.

We WILL be held accountable for how we discern and navigate this vaccine issue.

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