Central Banking And No Child Labor: A Near Occasion of Sin for Abortion

Whenever a society adopts central banking and a prohibition on child labor, the result is a near occasion of sin for the heinous crime of abortion. These institutions are wicked on their own, but it goes a lot deeper. In this article, I intend to illustrate how these two evils have plagued America for over 100 years and are leading families into a near occasion of sin for abortion.

Central Banking & Child Labor Prohibition: Very Commie Ideas

First things first, central banking and prohibition on child labor are BOTH tenets of COMMUNISM. Don’t believe me. Read about the 10 Planks of Marxism from none other than Uncle Karl himself. Central banking is the 5th plank. Prohibition of child labor is the 10th plank. We as Catholics, conservatives, and Christians have nothing in common with communists.

Communism is the ideology of the enemies we face in the battle against child murder and Satan’s war on the nuclear family. They use the 10 Planks of Marxism as their rubric, so we better pay attention. Better yet, we should cull out any semblance of that filth from society altogether. Deus vult!

Near Occasion of Sin? Really?

How can we make the connection between the American Federal Reserve (the U.S. central bank), the abolition of child labor, and the slaughter of babies in the womb? I’ll explain but let me apply one more layer of groundwork for the analysis. I want to remind the reader about the concept of a near occasion of sin. From the Baltimore Catechism (Lesson 18 on Contrition):

“Q. 771. What do you mean by the near occasion of sin?
A. By the near occasions of sin, I mean all the persons, places, and things that may easily lead us to sin.”

Note how it says “persons, places, and things.” This leaves room for the interpretation that certain things, perhaps government and regulations, could lead people to sin. We would want to avoid and eliminate these as much as possible.

Why Central Banking and No Child Labor Are Awful

It’s rotten enough when the government taxes people out of a chance for family formation (taxation is another plank of Marxism), but what if the government discovers a far worse and clandestine way do it? The Federal Reserve does so through a backdoor tax of monetary inflation.

The Fed’s expert-bureaucrats manipulate the currency to extract the purchasing power of your money, and one of the ways they do so is by inflating the number of dollars circulating. They increase the money supply to pay down government debt when they don’t have the guts to approach the public for a tax hike. More money in circulation means the money you have becomes less valuable.

They have been doing this since 1913, which is why your money is worth so much less than it was during your grandparents’ days. Use this government resource to calculate how much a dollar is worth compared to 1913 ($1 then is like $26 now). The dollar has lost 97% of its value!

This leaves young people with a nagging temptation to contracept and abort their offspring for fear of having to feed yet another mouth with a budget that covers fewer expenses due to currency depletion. Housing, gasoline, food, healthcare, and education costs have gone through the roof because of this and it strains a family’s budget beyond sustainability (worse for single parents). All other factors held constant, ruining a family’s money will entice them be rid of so many mouths to feed. Want to save lives? End the Fed!

Child labor is vilified so much because the media has conned everyone into thinking that working children are exploited like chimney sweeps and become beggars reminiscent of Oliver Twist. This is not true. By prohibiting children from working, we’ve not only taken away their opportunity for gaining entry-level experience, but we’ve also made them an economic liability until they are old enough to legally do anything productive.

Also, when young people (especially teenage men) are barred from working, it stunts their chances of having a chance of attracting a wife early enough to have a big family. We extend childhood forever, which means nobody can get married and have kids until their mid-20’s. This prevents us from outbreeding anti-Christians who idolize childlessness. Is it any wonder why the only children conceived nowadays are by single moms who would go broke trying to raise them? This creates an incentive for abortion on so many levels.

Near Occasions or Involuntary Occasions?

Ah, you might respond “The Federal Reserve and no child labor are destructive, but we can’t do anything about them. Therefore, they are involuntary occasions.” This is a lame objection and imagine what it would be like if we took that approach to the issue of abortion itself. Imagine if we decided to stay quiet about it because we determined it to be beyond our scope of influence; impossible to remedy.

Yes, we’ve done that already too. Haven’t we?

This would almost fly for a suitable objection except for the fact that we, as Catholics, are also bound to at least OPPOSE these wicked things. Nobody in Catholic Land appears to be doing so with much fervor. As I currently see it, Catholics have not so much as educated themselves on these two evils let alone made any effort to oppose them.

Few Catholics are educated on basic economics. You won’t grasp the problem without a modicum of economic literacy. It’s yet another reason we see so many clueless, cognitively dissident Catholics who would vote for politicians like Sleepy Joe Biden, Bernie “tight mittens” Sanders, or Alexandria Occasionally-Castro. They espouse all 10 Planks of Marxism, have no qualms with abortion through the 100th trimester (euthanasia), are staunch proponents of printing money out of thin air with the Fed, and two of them are Catholic.

Catholics have no excuse not to oppose the wicked ideas of central banking and no child labor, which our country and every western democracy has enacted. These institutions do not help the poor or protect children. They do the opposite. They create a miserable mindset of consternation where children become economic liabilities for young, potential parents who would otherwise welcome the gift of life.

One last thing to remember: We shouldn’t call abortion a “child sacrifice.” This implies that the ones who elect to kill their offspring ever valued them in the first place. It’s “child slaughter.” This bears no resemblance to the love Abraham had for Isaac when he had to commit his will to sacrificing his son. Parents today can’t wait to be rid of their children because their economic calculation is that they are of negative net value. Our social/political structures encourage this. Let us do everything we can to reverse this unfortunate socioeconomic situation. Central banking and no child labor will lead people to sin.

Chris Munier is the author of Caesar Vacantism: Rendering to Caesar When Caesar Goes Nuts (for Catholics).

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