Roosh V Podcast

Everybody should be watching the Roosh V podcast. He puts together an excellent program about every other week. Roosh V is a former pick-up-artist who converted to Armenian Orthodoxy. I admire his humility, willingness to grow closer to God (hopefully, he’ll become Catholic), and his based approach to delivering what is happening in our twisted and evil world.

In this episode of the Roosh Hour, he covers several topics, but I thought his part about the monkey experiments was most interesting. I won’t spoil it, but I’m wondering . . . do our current authority-expert-rulers want to experiment on children like those scientists did with monkeys?

Roosh Hour #61 – Third World Texas – Roosh Valizadeh

Also, check out his new book, American Pilgrim, which the Punk-a-zon folks are already shadow banning. Go Roosh V!

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