Good Advice From Fr. Z

A lot of folks are ensnared by the rotten tentacles of New Age garbage. I don’t believe I’ve had much trouble with it personally, but there are many who are susceptible to this tendency to want to feel “spiritual.” I think it’s nothing more than the devil aping our natural tendencies toward religion and piety. God instilled them into us for the purposes of directing them toward Him. Satan redirects them toward stupid stuff like Yoga and Santa Muerte. Can you imagine how many of those enslaved individuals (Wiccan practitioners, for example) missed their call as consecrated relgious?

I agree with Fr. Z. It’s time to repurpose those pious tendencies back toward God with Lectio Divina.

If possible, look into how to do lectio divina.   Some people who have been into New Age stuff can benefit greatly from this form of mental prayer.   Be careful not to fall into the New Age forms of so called “meditation”.  Keep to the Catholic forms of mental prayer according to one of the authentic methods:

  • Benedictine lectio divina
  • Carmelite mental prayer
  • St. Francis De Sales method of mental prayer
  • St. Ignatius of Loyola’s 3 methods of meditation and contemplation

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