Seamless Garment of Evil

I want to take the “seamless garment” rhetoric (from Cdl. Bernardin, et al.) and turn it on its head.

The fact of the matter is that we have a Seamless Garment of Evil made manifest in a web of lies, fraud, and manipulation at the hands of our elites. You can’t trust anything they say, on any issue, so you can actually set your watch to the opposite they profess. You can also determine when something is bogus based on from whom it originated. If it’s part of the leftist garment of evil, ditch the whole thing.

Take, for example, this AOC rape/burglary hoax. We once again discovered that she was lying and manipulating us by claiming to have been nearly attacked during the Jan. 6th Capitol Building siege. We would come to find out that liar-AOC wasn’t even in the Capitol Building at the time, thereby proving that her claims to have been almost attacked were spurious.

With an understanding of the Seamless Garment of Evil, we can see that all of the messages from AOC and other leftists are always fallacious. We can no longer parse out any truth from the things they say. It’s not as if they have a shirt that’s a lie along with a truthful pair of pants. Instead, they’re one “seamless garment” of evil and manipulation; all because they have wholeheartedly aligned themselves with the father of lies (Satan), and are no longer capable of truth.

Therefore, you should not listen to the elites on anything. They kill babies, start wars, circumvent everything in the Constitution, and cannot distinguish a man from a woman. Are these the folks you want to listen on minimum wage, whether you should wear facemasks, or drive a gas-powered car? No, because of their Seamless Garment of Evil, you should avoid their entire wicked social/political attire. Nothing can be salvaged from the Clinto-Bushy-Obama-Biden-Harris-Commie left.

Disagree? Think I’m being too cynical?
This isn’t 2019 anymore. Look at the times. Eschaton coming soon or not, this is certainly an age of evil and our elites 100% hate our guts. There’s no grey area. Don’t forget: Noblesse Oblige is dead.

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