Expertise Begets Authority? Really?

You would be hard-pressed to find anybody who doesn’t abuse and conflate the two concepts: authority and expertise. People tend to think (errantly) that the possession of expertise on a given matter gives you the authority to boss people around within the domain of that subject. Most seem to believe that expertise begets authority somehow. They think that becoming an expert not only makes you a “master” of subject matter, but also the master of OTHER PEOPLE, as a result of that expertise.

Doctors have authority over patients?
Economists have economic authority over economies and the people therein?
Sure, and let it be unlimited power at that.

So, this leads me to wonder. If we take the idea of “expertise begets authority” to its fullest extent, wouldn’t that mean that the villainous, evil-genius, mad-scientist OUGHT to rule the world? Hey, they’re pretty smart, and we’re pretty dumb. Doesn’t their expert-level geniusness qualify them to rule countries, maybe even the world, given our model of expert-ocracy?

(TB5KFWM) Travel Bug Dog Tag - Pinky and the Brain's World ...
Every night, The Brain tried a new scheme to rule the world. He missed his opportunity because he failed to obtain a bureaucratic post in the United States government.

As it stands in western civilization, we have flaccidly resigned ourselves to this absurdity and it stems from a lack of critical thinking and an unwillingness to question people in power. Truth be told, we’re probably feeling the ramifications of a) too many years of comfort, b) not holding public officials accountable for fear of losing said comfort, and c) too many phony Fauci-experts working their ways into high positions undetected.

Either way . . . Boobus Americanus and “muh experts” gets what it deserves with all this new tyranny.

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