We’re Weak and Getting What We Deserve

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This is about as tough and muscular as American resistance to the oligarchs has been lately.

I hope everybody enjoyed the fruit-loopy 2020 Selection here in the Land of the Enslaved and the Home of the Virus.

Yes, that’s correct, slavery + virus = USA. This is what you get when you thought you won the Cold War just because the Soviet Union went bankrupt. Never mind the obvious predicament of these United States, a mega state plagued by all 10 Planks of Marxism for decades, now currently in the midst of a legitimacy crisis. This is also what you get when you assume the commands of your oppressors and believe that your guns are only for hunting and looking cool rather than defense against tyrants.

We get what we deserve as lazy and comfort-driven sloths who refuse to exercise the slightest disobedience to illegitimate oligarchs. We can’t so much as tell the commie commisars to cram it with their mask mandates. How did we expect to stop the worst electioneering in history, vaccines for all, forced sterilization, and abortions for whomever’s left? We can’t because anti-leftists are cowards who refuse to operate from any position of discomfort.

“No communist in the 20th century held power but for the stupidity of the anti-communists who supposedly opposed them.” -Lew Rockwell in 2004

This is doubly true for Catholics. If that sentiment sounds familiar, recall the message from St. Pius V: “All the evil in the world is due to lukewarm Catholics.”

Then there’s the equivalent from St. Pius X:
“All of the strength of Satan’s reign is due to the easygoing weakness of Catholics.”

I can prove that Catholics (libertarian and conservative) are lazy too. What was the deal with those “Jericho Marches”? If Catholics on the right couldn’t stomach the idea of seizing the Capitol Building, then why did they participate in something called a Jericho March a few weeks earlier? Did they forget how that went down in the bible?

When the Hebrews entered the city of Jericho, what did they do . . . ?
“. . . the walls forthwith fell down: and every man went up by the place that was over against him: and they took the city, and killed all that were in it, man and woman, young and old.” Joshua 6: 20-21

At God’s command, they killed every last Cannanite, save for the harlot who helped them reconoiter the mission. I’m guessing that most of the comfort-driven folks who participated in the Jericho Marches (Catholic, Protestant, and otherwise), didn’t read that part and failed to see the full implications.

This is a recurring theme nowadays. We don’t have the fortitude to do anything difficult, no matter the stakes. All violence, good or bad, defensive or not, is off limits irrespective of the circumstances. I’m not saying that we should scalp and kill every Congress Critter or Supreme Court Druid, but LARPing with Old Testament themes illustrates how we’ve cascaded to the level of immitation grade. Let’s face it. Most Americans deserve the abuse they are going to get in 2021 because of their abudant and manifold sins and horrible lifestyles.

Most Americans are addicted to porn and American politicians (the upper crust at least) are pedophiles who engage in Spirit Cooking. They do so because of the hyperabundance of American sexual sins (those of the populace). In turn, that sexual perversion is largely due to wretched leadership. It’s a dialectic of evil, where both the chicken and the egg are wicked, and it’s been this way since the days of the Old Testament. Do evil people beget a wicked state or is it the reverse? It’s both. They’re strongly associative even if the causation isn’t clear. The Old Testament kings would do evil by placing idols in high places (some churchmen still do this), but the OT Jews were also said to be mired in sins that engendered the evil rulers. It depends on which passages you quote.

The American Jezebel oligarchs have lifted their skirts over their heads to reveal all their sins for God and everybody. No further delineation is needed. Should I elborate the wicked deeds of the American people, the ones that have spiritually enabled us to embrace “Russia’s Errors“?

Here goes . . .

1) We’re addicted to porn – much of it includes children as well as women being raped.
2) Our young people are addicted to wicked music designed to make you want to either fornicate or murder someone.
3) We’re too lazy and ignorant to learn basic economics. Otherwise, we would see that the communist implementation of a central banking scheme in 1913 (see: Federal Reserve) led to the over 90% debasement of our currency. Then we would realize we created an economic near occasion of sin for abortion.
Useless money + children that can’t work = abortion mania.
4) Catholics never go to confession. Nobody does and they wonder why they have so many mental problems, suicidal ideations, etc.
5) We think it’s okay for children to get sex changes (another risk factor for suicide)
6) We do everything that anybody with any semblance of authority, real or imagined, might tell us, even when it contradicts common sense (mask wearing, sedentary living, shunning the elderly, etc.).
7) We’re greedy and have no problem with thievery.
8) Our greed is fueled by the sin of envy, enhanced by socialists who we allow to convince us that economics is a zero-sum game (which is only possible when socialists are in charge). This leads to all sorts of hatred and suspicion of one another.

For Catholics, many of them CINOs, is there any wonder why the saints preached of a Doctrine of the Fewness of the Saved? When you crunch the numbers of poor Mass attendance (missing Mass is a grave sin), lack of confession, complete obliviousness to mortal sin, and the rampant narcissim and pride, it’s little wonder how even 1% of the population would be saved.

Now that I’ve finished with the black pill, let me remind you of the white pill, the only possible cure. First off, you better be Catholic. There’s no getting around it. Ecumenism is garbage and evil. Once you’ve surmised that, do the following:

Pray the Rosary.
Meditate on the Passion of Jesus Christ.
Go to confession.
Meditate on what your first 15 minutes in Hell would be like if you were condemned there for eternity.
Fast – either temporarily or permanently relinquish the things you enjoy. Everybody should fast from meat on Friday (related to the second item on this list).
Detachment – you might as well detach from as much as possible since that may be an involuntary reality soon.

Go to Eucharistic adoration.

Soon, you may have prayer as your last available option. Our Lady of Akita promised this would happen, where we would have only the Rosary and Our Lord’s sign. It’s best not to be blind-sided by these things. If you wait for tyranny to come to you, you will not have the supernatural capability of resisting it.

It’s time to get real and quit LARPing.

Deus vult!

Buy my book, Caesar Vacantism.

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