Mental Gymnastics of the Pro Vaccine Side

First, it’s amazing to see scarcely anybody make the connection between the vaccines and birth control. Did we all forget that the folks who produce chemical birth control (Merck, Pfizer, et al.) are the same ones peddling the Corona vaccines?

I thought we Catholics, other Christians, and all legitimate conservatives didn’t trust the birth-control makers. Wasn’t everybody already aware they were crooked and manipulative far in advance? Should we really take something branded as medicine from them?

Secondly, I’ve heard it said that the “object” or objective of the Corona vaccine is for the purpose of “healing,” therefore, we can trust our consciences and take it even with a remote compliance with abortion, considering how old the abortive cell lines are. To that point, I have no idea why anybody would grant the drug companies the benefit of the doubt as healers in any sense of the term. So, I don’t see how that mitigates the abortion problem. The drug companies don’t want to heal anything and it’s obvious. If anything, they want you to get sicker so they can sell you more treatments without curing you. They’ve orchestrated a medicinal recidivism where you keep returning to them for more, and to make it worse, their products probably sterilize you to boot. This is to say nothing of their inclinations to the radical depopulation agenda, which is hardly a healing movement.

Who in the world would be dumb enough to take so much as a cough drop from these creeps? “But, but, muh authorities said . . .”

Don’t get the vaccine because there isn’t a pandemic (and never was), you’ll never be clear what’s in it, and it makes no sense to trust the usual suspects of Deep Medicine who routinely do opposite of the Hippocratic Oath.

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